Less is more fun indeed
The Mazda MX-5 has always been known for its nimble, fun-to-drive characteristics. This is largely thanks to its balanced chassis, lightweight construction and sports-tuned suspension. So how do you make a great sports car like this even more
Displayed at the SEMA Show
Limousines aren't exactly the most interesting vehicles. Sure, they're long and fancy, and they sometimes come with a complimentary bottle of bubbly, but outside of that these rides don't really have much else going for them. Toyota noticed this
Your favorite toy car brought to life
Yesterday, we wrote a story on Kia's Mud Bogger, and called it one of the the crazier vehicles currently on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. Well, you can forget about that particular car because
This car is just begging to get filthy
The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas can feature some of the most outlandish vehicles on the face of the planet. It really is impressive seeing just how far the human imagination can go when it comes to modding
Including the Ridgeline Desert Race Truck
Hondas have always been known as tuner-friendly cars. Since the 1990s, we've seen more than a few Civics receive a slew of aftermarket parts, from updated wheels to full-on engine mods. So it comes as no surprise to find
With large tires and raised suspension
The Hyundai Tucson isn't exactly considered an off-road vehicle, but aftermarket specialist Rockstar Performance Garage (RPG) thought otherwise and came up with a host of upgrades that made this compact crossover SUV look meaner--with the guts to match.The
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