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Spot the difference
When BMW first came out with the X range of Sports Activity Vehicles (BMW-speak for SUVs), the world--purists in particular--were up in arms about the whole concept. The mere thought of the blue-and-white propeller brand building off-
It looks like 4WD Ms are here to stay
While we're fans of practically anything BMW with an 'M' badge on it, we have to admit we felt a bit of apprehension when we first found out that the X5 and X6 twins were getting the M treatment five years
Time flies when you're doing well
Not a few eyebrows were raised when BMW announced a decade-and-a-half ago that it would be coming out with an SUV. The German carmaker had been known for its successful motorsports program and exciting M cars. The very definition
See the specs and the prices
Asian Carmakers Corporation, the authorized distributor of BMW vehicles in the Philippines, has launched the all-new X5, the third-generation model of the German carmaker's so-called sports activity vehicle."The all-new BMW X5 is an all-around package
The British (paint) job
Like its corporate parent BMW, Mini is starting to fill niches we didn\'t think were missing. Its latest offering is the Paceman, which is categorized as a \"sports activity coupe.\" Or to make it easy for you to understand, it\'s
No longer the X5's baby brother
BMW has revealed the next-generation X3, which is looking to be more exciting than its predecessor with improved functionality and driving comfort, and bigger space."The new BMW X3 offers state-of-the-art qualities with uncompromising diversity, combining both driving
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