Hiroshi Tamura is the chief product specialist of the GT-R and the Z
At the unveiling of the new Nissan Z Nismo, the crowd was buzzing about two things: Why was it so unbelievably freaking hot in the event space? And, more important, why didn't Nissan fit the Z Nismo with a manual transmission?
Built for ‘sheer driving pleasure’
When Andreas Preuninger, the boss of Porsche's GT Line cars, gets this enthusiastic, he's pretty hard to ignore. Not that you'd ever want to."Honestly, I can't wait for you to drive it. I know we're not
Quite a glaring omission...
Nissan would probably prefer we focus on the new Z Nismo's 420hp, 520Nm of torque, suspension tweaks, and nifty new wheels and tires. And sure, we'll talk about those. But right now we can't help but wonder: Where the
He seems to have a thing for Ferraris
Fact: Alden Richards likes nice cars. A few years, ago he shared that his garage consisted of a GMC van (all celebs have a big van for shoots), a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Range Rover Sport, a Jaguar XE, a Mitsubishi Pajero,
Lotus’s powerful farewell to the internal combustion engine
Electrification is coming, and one by one car brands are shifting to hybrid powertrains or pure EVs. Lotus is embracing electrification, but it is also sending the internal combustion engine (ICE) away with a beautiful bang. The Lotus Emira is the latest
It’s got 700hp and a rather eye-catching rear wing...
Let's just marvel at this one for a while, shall we? I suspect you have been already. Maybe you'd like some more time? Go back, just check that rear arch is as mad as it looks?It is, take it
Only 900 versions will be made, all bound for the US
Toyota quotes the Supra's four-decade long legacy of appeal, though really we only need to turn unto its most famous hour-that as a 10-second car. And while these new US-only upgrades won't exactly help it smoke
S2000 revival, anyone?
2023 is a big year for Honda. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the brand which was incorporated in September 24, 1946. With that, there's a good chance that Honda might do something special for this milestone occasion.The last
It’s quite a huge price bump
It's been 15 years since Nissan unveiled the GT-R, and since then, it's seen a host of updates and upgrades. The most recent one came out in January 2023, making its world premiere during the Tokyo Auto Salon. And
Rev responsibly
A few years ago, Ford introduced something called 'Good Neighbor Mode' in the Ford Mustang. After all, the 'Stang's V8 rumble is music to our ears, but the neighbors of its owners might not think the same. Now, Ford has fitted
Bye-bye straight-sixes and stick shifts?
It's all well and good that the Toyota Supra continues to live on with a manual transmission. Who wouldn't want a stick shift in a sports car like this, right? Well, it's best you enjoy it while it lasts,
We’re still wishing for a stick-shift Supra here
When the revived fifth-generation Toyota Supra was launched several years ago, we were told that it might never be offered with a manual transmission. So from that moment on, just about every enthusiast and Supra fanatic in the world pled, begged,
Goodbye, friend
Audi has dropped a new high-spec, limited edition TT. But there's bad news, because this is not just to celebrate 25 years. It's called the TT Final Edition and it's here to mark the end
by Cat Dow
A recent speech from Nissan Philippines’ president suggests so
The current GT-R and the 370Z took a while before they made their way to our market. If that's what we're going to base Nissan Philippines' (NPI) future plans on, then we reckon it'll take even longer before
Not the first time the model has done this
Sports cars aren't purely just about performance. Reliability is a big consideration, too-more so if you actually plan on pushing your unit to its limit on a track. After all, no car is a fun car if it's constantly
You just knew Toyota has something good in store for the GR Supra at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.At first glance, the units you see here don't appear to be anything too out of the ordinary-
We could listen to this all day
To be honest, we'll take any opportunity we can get to spend some alone time with the market's hottest rides-even if it means just sitting inside one with the engine switched off.This is exactly what we did when
The best hardcore M4?
The return of the CSL badge to a hardcore BMW for the first time in two decades. Take an M4, add 40hp, strip out 100kg, and build just 1,000 of them.Nerdy weight-saving. A carbon hood and trunklid save 24kg.
And the start of Jaguar as an electric car company
Jaguar has revealed a new special edition of its absurdly handsome F-Type, and it is the final run of F-Types it intends to build. Welcome to the end of 75 years of petrol-powered Jaguar sports cars.Consigning these big
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