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Driver’s license renewals and motor-vehicle registration will be available
The same goes for student permits and conductor’s licenses
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced yesterday that the registration validity of vehicles with plates ending in 8 will be extended for yet another month. Now, the agency has confirmed that it will be doing the same for licenses and permits.According
The same goes for student permits and medical certificates
The country's Land Transportation Office (LTO) is providing you with some breathing room if your driver's license is expiring this month.In a Facebook post, the agency has announced another extension for motorists whose LTO driver's license, student permit,
Affected IDs and certificates will be valid until September 30
As expected, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) isn't just extending the validity of vehicle registrations expiring this month-the agency is doing the same for licenses and permits as well.The LTO has announced that the validity of driver's licenses,
Here’s why it’s worth the time and the expense
Remember the days when anyone could get a driver's license without taking any driving classes or without knowing how to drive in the first place? That's the problem that the Land Transportation Office was aiming to address when it imposed
IDs, licenses expiring in June now valid until August 31
The registration validity of select motor vehicles aren't the only things the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is extending this month.The agency has announced-yet again for another month-that the validity of all driver's licenses, student permits, conductor's
Have you renewed your documents already?
Two months ago, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that student permits, driver's licenses, medical certificates, and conductors licenses that expired in April or are set to expire in May have had their validity extended. To be exact, these documents are
Peugeot’s research found that 40% of parents approve of this
Here's an interesting line of logic: Young people care about climate change. They want their family to do its bit. Electric cars are a glaringly obvious step. Child persuades parent to go electric. Ergo, kids are calling the shots in new
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 surge
Considering the ongoing surge in COVID-19 cases and the arrival of the Omicron variant, it's understandable if fulfilling some nagging Land Transportation Office (LTO) requirements is currently the last thing on many motorists' minds. The agency knows this, and is
The UK thinks so
See that subcompact sedan that figured in a mishap trying to squeeze into a lane? How about the genius who backed into another car trying to park in reverse? "Man, Filipino drivers are dumb," you're probably thinking.We feel your frustration.
You can still learn while staying at home
The new requirement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for aspiring drivers and riders to complete a 15-hour theoretical driving course before they can be issued a student permit must be causing a headache for many people. Because certain areas could
For prospective motorists
In case you missed it, the days when you could learn to operate a vehicle free of charge from a parent, friend, or family driver is long gone, because a certificate of course completion from a driving school accredited by the Land
Only until MECQ, ECQ are over
Student drivers permits that expired during the modified enhanced community quarantine will still be valid until transport regulators resume office operations, the Land Transportation Office said Monday. Those living in Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ areas whose students permits expired are covered
The good, bad, and just yikes
Most of us learned how to drive thanks to our fathers. We grew up seeing what they do behind the wheel and, for some of us, we aspire to be half the driver our dads are. So to celebrate Fathers' Day, we
The lecture must be taken under the LTO or any of its accredited driving schools
If you or anyone you know will be applying for a student-driver permit anytime soon, then take note: Starting April 6, 2020, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be requiring all applicants of the said permit to take a 15-hour
Are you in favor of this?
The Land Transportation Office's (LTO) practical driving test for license applicants might be about to become more difficult, as well as more expensive-more so if you have no idea what you're doing behind the wheel.House Bill 504, also
The shift to digital continues
Applying for a driver's license? Listen up: Beginning today, January 7, 2019, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will only be accepting medical certificates submitted online.The new regulation is in line with Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2157, which requires all LTO
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