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For this week's YouTube round-up, Ben Stiller channels his inner idiot, we find out why insurance companies want nothing to do with stunt cars, and Adele raps to the song of a singer you'd least expect. These and a
As his new DVD hits the market
The Stig has spoken. Well, the previous one at least. Ben Collins, formerly the world's favorite mystery driver, has chosen the all-new Ford Mustang as his ultimate stunt car in his new film Ben Collins: Stunt Driver.His decision was
We hadn't seen anything like it
During the recent Monster Jam show, we were aware that there were other attractions other than the big trucks. We vaguely remember seeing motorbikes in the event posters.Still, during the Monster Jam intermission, we didn't know what was going to
Watch this video and see for yourself
Two days before Valentine's Day. It's dating season, in other words. This is no time to sulk in one corner and listen to Ed Sheeran while you check out your friends' social-media posts about their romantic dinners. On the
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