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Hey, the Nissan GT-R isn't the only car that's showing off a new look at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. Although, admittedly, it did kind of steal everyone's thunder.Over at the Subaru booth, the Japanese brand is
Any STI fans here?
Subaru fans who'll be dropping by the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon are in for a major treat-especially those who are fond of the Impreza.The Japanese carmaker has announced that it will be showing off an Impreza prototype clad in
Do you know what it was?
Subaru is perhaps best known for having all-wheel drive in just about everything they make. The BRZ and a few kei-cars aside, almost every Subaru that rolls out of their assembly lines can put down power to all four wheels.
It comes in three variants in the US
Subaru has just unveiled the all-new Impreza at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With this, the Japanes carmaker promises the new car "will encourage all drivers and passengers to engage in an active lifestyle with its enjoyable high performance and enhanced
Spoiler: It’s not much
We know the Philippines is essentially crossover and SUV country now, but we'll always have a soft spot for more niche offerings like the Subaru Impreza.To be honest, we were pretty sad to see the model discontinued locally-even if
The Prodrive P25 pushes 400hp and 599Nm and has a boatload of rally-focused tech
Up until now, restomods have been mostly cultured, elegant cars from the '60s. Well, here's a butch, gritty poke in the eye from the '90s. Prodrive has revealed its ultimate take on the legendary Subaru Impreza 22B. Meet the P25.'P25,'
Only 25 units of the car, dubbed P25, will be built
The Prodrive P25 restomod will cost £552,000 (P36.5 million), Prodrive has confirmed to Top Gear. And to preempt your next thought, no, you don't need both kidneys, anyway.Big price for a big car. It of course pays tribute
These paint/sticker jobs defined the cars as much as the underlying tech did
In 1993, Subaru debuted its new Prodrive developed Group A Impreza rally car, known as the Impreza 555, along with a new title sponsor, cigarette manufacturer State Express 555. Complete with a distinctive blue-and-yellow color scheme, the 555 name and
In his hometown, and behind the wheel of the car that started it all
The pressure for Travis Pastrana must have been huge. Imagine picking up the baton from Ken Block to go and produce the 11th installment of the now iconic, Internet-melting Gymkhana series. Not only has he got a bazillion views to go
A DeLorean in anything other than bare stainless steel just looks weird
If you're going to shell out £115,000 (P7.29 million) for a tuned BMW 3-Series, you'd like your new toy to stand out a bit. The old M3 GTS (main image) had a V8 that was bored out
We’d like to see these turned into posters
Skylines didn't always scream performance. The MX-5 wasn't always so angry. The Suzuki Jimny wasn't always so big (lol). And the Subaru Impreza? It didn't always look like-well okay, this one always did look like it
We kinda wish it came with an iPod, too
Movie memorabilia is a big business. Remember Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back? That cost someone $450,000 in 2017. Or how about Marilyn Monroe's famous dress from The Seven Year Itch? That sold for the bargain price
That’s what you call hearse-power
Sorry if this news to you, but one day, you're going to die. It's an inevitability. And, as a general rule, your last-ever drive is the one to your funeral. That's quite a daunting prospect for us petrolheads-
Some neat automotive trivia
Let's skip past all the ones we can name off the top of our heads and get to the wordy motherlode: the Impreza WRX STI Spec C RA-R. Yep, that's the name of just one car, and if you
We hope the hatch version finally makes its way to PH, too
In addition to the official launch of two Forester models at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, Subaru also had something else up its sleeve: the refreshed Impreza.The latest Impreza's front fascia has a new look, with its front grille and
Get ’em while they’re hot
The current Honda Civic Type R is a fantastic car - we love it here at TG. However, a recent browse through the classifieds has left us pretty lost for words. That's because, if auction estimates are to be believed, you could
Safety is also a major factor for the brand’s success
Subaru's high-performance vehicles feature top-of-the-line technology that not only enhances the overall driver experience, but improves the safety of the vehicle as well. As a matter of fact, the Japanese carmaker recently merited top ratings in the
The Japanese carmaker makes an important clarification
Recently, Subaru announced that a power-steering defect had been found in certain units of the Impreza, the XV, and the Forester. The affected units, Subaru explained, were manufactured between December 2018 and January 16, 2019.The good news is that Philippine
A genuinely jolly Christmas video proves how versatile Impreza rally cars are
Still not got a Christmas tree, a mere four days before we're all getting tucked into bed awaiting Santa Claus? Well, if you live in a country where it's possible to get a real tree, there's still time to
Is your car on the list?
Subaru has recently issued a global recall for models with possible valve-spring issues and multi-information display (MID) defects. This recall extends to models that have been sold right here in the Philippines.The valve-spring issue, Subaru explains, is a
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