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Adding some spice to the subcompact seven-seater
What are some words that come to mind when someone says Toyota Veloz? Surely, adjectives such as practical, sensible, and reliable would pretty accurate for the subcompact seven-seater. But given that it's the kind of car that puts family first, '
Here’s how the model is spec’d in Indonesia
In June, Kia Philippines mentioned that it will be bringing in four new models in the coming months: one electric vehicle, one hybrid, and a pair of combustion-engined vehicles. We guessed then that the Kia Carens, which was first launched in
A worthy spin-off?
The Hyundai Stargazer has been a success for the South Korean automaker. It's been selling well in the Philippines, and it even won our recent four-way Big Test recently against tough competition. The new kid on the block has delivered,
Wait if you can
Are you excited for the Hyundai Stargazer X? The Korean carmaker's MPV is the newest in the category, and the regular Stargazer has been winning comparos left and right. Well, it won ours at least. The Stargazer X has a new
Can it beat its more mainstream rivals?
As Hyundai shies away from its formerly utilitarian model mix in the Philippines and pushes upmarket, it is vehicles like the Stargazer-an entry-level seven-seat MPV-that need to bridge the gap in order to boost sales volume. With its
Staria Lite?
Hyundai didn't just show the Ioniq 6 during the Manila International Auto Show this year. The South Korean giant went all out and displayed almost all of its offerings in the country. But aside from that, the company also previewed a
If the company’s new timeline is to be believed
Reports about Mitsubishi's plans to launch a new hybrid Xpander came out as early as November 2020. Several months after that, the company confirmed it when it revealed its future electrification plans, even going so far as saying the new model
An 80km drive from Cavite to Laguna, to be exact
Suzuki Philippines (SPH) started the year strong with the launch of the new Ertiga Hybrid. Basically, you take the Japanese carmaker's most popular MPV and put an extra battery with an electric motor in it to turn it into a mild
Giving Hyundai’s people-mover the SUV treatment
One of the hottest segments nowadays is the subcompact-MPV segment, and with the popularity of SUVs in the country, it was only a matter of time until carmakers decided to turn their small MPVs into crossovers with SUV-inspired styling cues.
Will it be a lifted Stargazer or something else?
As it stands, the Hyundai Stargazer has a pretty strong variant lineup in the country. The range starts with the 1.5 GL IVT, followed by the 1.5 GLS IVT, and topped off with the 1.5 GLS Premium IVT. We'
The seven-seaters just keep on coming
The new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross has finally landed in the Philippines. After its global debut back in August 2022, we knew it was only a matter of time before the refreshed subcompact MPV arrived here.The Xpander Cross has its work cut
The latest teaser suggests so
The launches across the automotive industry are beginning to roll out this year, and one of the first automakers in line for January is Suzuki Philippines (SPH). It recently released a teaser for a new model that's set to be unveiled
We get behind the wheel of this rebadged Xpander
Nissan Philippines (NPI) raised a lot of eyebrows when it launched the new Livina in our market. While the MPV does fill a gap in Nissan's local lineup, it's still an outdated replica of the Xpander.You're not quite
You can place a reservation now too
If you visited the (fairly) recent Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), then there's a good chance you saw the second-gen Honda BR-V in the metal. That was a preview of the all-new MPV-Crossover, and many have been
Yet another seven-seater MPV has arrived in our market
Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just launched the Livina in our market, adding yet another item to the continually growing list of affordable seven-seaters in our market.What exactly does this Mitsubishi Xpander twin have to offer? We know you're all
Another seven-seater MPV is set to enter the fray
The all-new Nissan Livina was spotted on local roads earlier this month, suggesting that a local launch could be happening soon. Well, we now have the confirmation we were looking for.Nissan Philippines (NPI) has just sent an invite for the
The new MPV has finally been revealed at GIIAS 2022
Well, that was quick. Earlier today, we reported about the imminent reveal of the new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. Well, people, it's already here. And by here we mean in Indonesia where Xpanders are made.Mitsubishi has officially pulled the wraps off
The MPV has just landed in ASEAN
Been keeping an eye on Suzuki-related news this year? If you have, then you probably know that the Japanese carmaker already has a few new hybrid vehicles in its global lineup. One is the Vitara, the other the Ertiga.Well, the
The new MPV is now on sale
A few months ago, the new Mitsubishi Xpander started making rounds on social media. It was then that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) confirmed the new MPV's arrival and opened reservations for it.Now, MMPC has finally launched the refreshed model in
Choose your stylish seven-seater family hauler
It looks like the three-row MPV segment is heating up. Mitsubishi recently unveiled the refreshed version of its popular Xpander, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the all-new version of its Avanza. This time, Toyota has introduced the all-new
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