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It’ll look more basic and will have fewer tech than the existing V and G trims
The era of sedans really is coming to an end
For some time now, the City has been Honda Cars Philippines' (HCPI) strongest-selling model. Year in and year out, the subcompact sedan has been the bread and butter for the Japanese carmaker.But the market's changing. Car buyers are now
Based on spy photos and teasers
At the end of May, Mitsubishi teased its upcoming compact SUV. The lone exterior teaser shot partially revealed the front end, more specifically, the grille shape and the left headlight. If you think it looks familiar, that's because it was previewed
Another month, another new Bimmer
New month, new Bimmer.SMC Asia Car Distributors (SMCACDC) has been very busy launching new BMW models in our market this year. After launching a new model both in January and February, it's now back with another new one for March:
It’s up against some pretty strong contenders in its class
Hyundai, under new leadership in the local market, is steadily making up for lost time. Aside from bringing in the latest iterations of established models like the Tucson, the Santa Fe, and the Starex (now known as the Staria), it's venturing
As ‘confirmed’ by Suzuki Australia’s boss
Here at Top Gear Philippines, we're pretty excited every time Suzuki would announce news or updates about the Jimny. It may not be the most comfortable SUV around, but you can't deny that's it's a charming little fella.
Let’s break things down, shall we?
Seven-seaters. Boy, do Filipinos love these. Especially the more affordable ones. It's no wonder segments like the subcompact SUV continue to thrive.Over the past couple of years, we saw a lot of budget-friendly people-haulers land in our
All-electric, hybrid, and gasoline powertrains will still be available
Hyundai may have already given the Kona a new face-both for the electric and non-electric versions-but we'd be lying if we said that it still looked a bit outdated compared to its stablemates.That'll soon change, though,
The answer should be obvious, but…
One common question we at Top Gear Philippines often get regarding small-displacement rides or compact seven-seaters is their ability to tackle inclines. In short: "Kaya ba mag-Baguio niyan?"To be honest, the answer in this day and age is
This next-generation model has big shoes to fill
In case you missed it, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) just launched the all-new BR-V in our market. It sure did take its sweet time getting here, but what's important is it's finally arrived.Prior to the launch, Top
Yet another new seven-seater has entered the fray
This is it, folks. After months of waiting, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has officially launched the all-new BR-V.The next-generation model lands in our market stacked with competitive seven-seaters such as the Toyota Avanza and Veloz, Mitsubishi Xpander,
The figures were achieved after driving 128km with an average speed of 70-80kph
We're inching closer and closer to the official launch of the all-new Honda BR-V. If you need any more reasons to get hyped about the upcoming launch, then we have something for you.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has just
Raize, is that you?
Toyota's partnership with Subaru extends to more than just the GR86, you know. The Rex, for example, is a Subie that's essentially a carbon copy of the Toyota Raize subcompact SUV.Wait, why are we even announcing it? Chances are
Have you reserved a unit yet?
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) is set to launch the all-new BR-V in our market in a few weeks' time. Stoked? We're sure a lot of you are. We even reckon some of you have already booked reservations.Well, here'
This should change the shape of the mini-off-roader market
For years, the idea of a five-door Suzuki Jimny has floated around but it never really got close to production. It's even reached a point wherein people have resorted to building their own extra-door versions of the mini
Here you go, guys
Seven seats, above-average ride height, and a well-known Japanese badge? You could say the next-generation Honda BR-V has the makings of a surefire hit.We won't have to wait to find out whether or not this is
We believe the latest generation of Honda’s seven-seater is landing soon
Last year, the all-new Honda BR-V made its global debut in Indonesia, and recently, the small seven-seater was also launched in Thailand. We think this could be a sign that the latest iteration of the BR-V could be
Looking forward to seeing the all-new seven-seater in our market?
We're willing to bet there's another new Honda that's on its way to our market: the all-new BR-V.Bold assumptions, no? Well, the next-generation subcompact SUV was just launched in Thailand-and as many of you
Toyota Motor Philippines has quietly brought in another GR-S offering
You may have heard about Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) plans to launch yet another GR-S model in our market. Well, it appears the carmaker has done just that albeit, very quietly.According to a source, TMP has brought in the new
Time to see what this popular little thing can do
While Chinese-built budget crossovers are selling like halo-halo on a hot day, Toyota-which pioneered the crossover concept-doesn't have a budget crossover of its own. Thankfully, corporate partner Daihatsu just happens to have a cheap crossover Toyota can
Check out our first impressions here
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just launched the new Veloz, marking the entry of yet another people-hauler in this seven-seater-crazy market of ours.The Veloz, as some of you may know, was once the top-of-the-line variant
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