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Honda has also previewed what could be its Toyota Raize-fighting crossover
Think this has a shot?
When it comes to small SUVs, it's arguable that the Toyota Raize is currently the local market's belle of the ball. This could change, though, if the mystery crossover Honda is currently parading around in Indonesia turns out to be
Are you waiting in line for a unit?
Big year for the HR-V here in our market. The all-new model made its debut earlier in 2022, and just several months later it saw the addition of a new variant to the roster. Great news, right? The unfortunate part
The new powertrain’s capable of 187hp and 320Nm of torque
Ford has continuously been rolling out China's Equator Sport as the all-new Territory in several markets including ASEAN. Now, the model has made its way to North America, and it marks the popular nameplate's arrival in the region.To
The announcement of the all-new BR-V's impending arrival isn't the only headline at Honda's 2022 Philippine International Show (PIMS) display.If you're planning on buying a brand-new Honda HR-V but, for some reason, have
Say hello to the Peugeot e-2008
This is the Peugeot e-2008, the electric version of the 2008 small SUV that continues to be available with internal combustion power. Maybe we're just getting old, but the strange fact of Peugeots being desirable once again has really snuck
Tune in if you want a shot at this vehicle
Auto manufacturers handing out discounts, special financing packages, and accessories? These are common ways to go about promoting a car brand. Giving away brand-new vehicles? Not as much.The latter, though, is what MG Philippines plans to do on Friday. Together
The brand is spicing this crossover up
Have you been iffy pulling the trigger on a brand-new crossover? Well, this news might help you come to a decision.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has announced that the 2023 Honda HR-V RS Turbo will be part of its display
Check out our walkaround of Nissan’s newest local offering
Most of the fuss surrounding the local release of the 2023 Nissan Kicks has to do with what's under the hood. It runs on the brand's new e-Power powertrain, which could be a godsend for Filipinos who are particular
It was just previewed at the 2022 Indonesia International Auto Show
A few months ago, we floated the idea of the Toyota Raize Hybrid-Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrid-making its way to our market. It really seemed like a long shot then, seeing as the vehicle was only available in Japan where
Will you consider a subcompact Chevy crossover?
How do you grow your SUV market share if you've already filled up all the traditional segments? Simple. You fill in the gaps of your lineup with an entirely new model in a new sub-segment. Chevrolet is one of the
If Toyota were to build this, it should fit a bigger engine under that hood
Converting a full-size SUV into a pickup-like what these guys did with the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300-is understandable. While it's not exactly common, a large SUV has the engine and the chassis to work as a truck. Turning
Do you dig the new design?
Many of us can probably agree that Kia has quite the looker with the Seltos. The subcompact crossover had the brand's new signature tiger-nose grille with that rugged exterior that all added to the rather stylish package.It appears Kia
Reservations have opened in India
India is one of the most important markets to Japanese carmaker Suzuki. As such, it's also usually one of the first places to get the company's newest mass-market offerings-the latest of which is the next-generation Suzuki BrezzaYou'
This comes before the official launch in July
The all-new Hyundai Tucson has been spotted in the local setting well before its scheduled launch in July 2022. Images of the South Korean compact crossover were shared with us by an anonymous source, and they were taken at a recent
This or the Casper?
It's not exactly rocket science why the Toyota Raize is such a hit among local car buyers. Decent ground clearance, city-friendly dimensions, and an affordable price tag? That's about as surefire a formula as mass-market cars come around
Or are you better off going with the nat-asp 1.2-liter engine instead?
A mix of style, decent size, and good fuel economy makes for a pretty great city car. That's exactly what the Toyota Raize has, which is why it's been turning heads since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched it here.But
Here are some of our initial impressions
You may have read about our recent adventure with the Honda HR-V-here's the link if you haven't checked it out yet. During that drive, Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) gave us the chance to try out both variants of
Our wallets are hurting
Frankly, with the way gas and diesel prices have been on the fritz, there's never been a better time to consider shifting to a hybrid vehicle. There's just one issue: There aren't very many of them around.Toyota Motor
Time to see what this popular little thing can do
While Chinese-built budget crossovers are selling like halo-halo on a hot day, Toyota-which pioneered the crossover concept-doesn't have a budget crossover of its own. Thankfully, corporate partner Daihatsu just happens to have a cheap crossover Toyota can
Quite a lot, actually
We previously wrote an article about how much the full tank of a typical subcompact sedan would cost. Seeing as fuel prices have gone even farther up since our last outing, we've decided to come up with yet another compilation, but
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