Avoid these
One of the most important things to monitor on your car is how it rides. The system of parts that manages this is called the suspension. This is what keeps your tires on the road, and naturally, your suspension's parts can
Cutting stock springs isn't the answer
Boss, quick question: What are the pros and cons of rubber spring cushions for lowered vehicles?DCHi DC,There are several types and brands of rubber spring cushions available, so it's difficult to give you an answer based on the short
For lowered suspensions
When fitting wider wheels and using a lower suspension setup, there is a possibility that the tires of your car will rub up against the fenders when you tackle corners, or when traversing undulating sections of road. Carrying passengers and heavy cargo
A lot of work goes into it
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.This is how 4x4s survive off-road adventures. A lot of work goes into making sure your trucks don't fall flat on their
Our associate off-road editor weighs in
Happy New Year sir, I just wanted to ask about upgrading the shock absorbers on my 2013 Toyota Fortuner. There are affordable brands like Ridemax, Opposite Lock, Nam-are these brands of good quality? Compared to more expensive ones like Rancho, Bilstein,
Our tech guru has the answer
Good day! I need your opinion. I have a Toyota Vios, and I want to lower its ride. I travel out of town once a week, and I'd like to know which is better: lowering springs or coilovers? What are their
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