The more the merrier
Land Rover has confirmed that it will reveal a giant, eight-seat version of the new Defender on May 31, 2022.The extended Defender will be badged 130 and will join the 90, the 110 , and the commercial hardtop in the range.
The company isn’t dead yet
As a business, SsangYong has definitely seen much better times. The car manufacturer is currently in the middle of buyout negotiations, but it isn't letting economic hardship get in the way of producing some pretty neat rides.The latest model to
In Australia, at least
The Land Cruiser LC300 might be Toyota's newest SUV darling, but it's hardly the most iconic iteration in the model's lineage-at least not yet. That title arguably still belongs to the Land Cruiser 70 Series, which continues to
Like the look?
Ah, the BJ20. Remember that? Frankly, the vehicle was dealt a bad hand in our market the moment someone at BAIC decided to attach those two letters to the Chinese brand's SUV lineup. It didn't help that the vehicle's
What’s your first impression of the vehicle?
So then, following on from the big reveal of the fifth-generation Range Rover last year, we now have the Mk3 Range Rover Sport to go with it. You only get one chance at a first impression. What's yours?Looks aside,
In Australia, at least
Man, moving to Australia sure sounds like a real fine idea right about now. Sure, you've got giant spiders, flame tornadoes, and just about every manner of nasty prowling the Outback-but you also have this.What is it? Just a
It will hit 100kph in just 4.2 seconds
We'd just like to say that here at Top Gear, we're massive fans of the work Alpina has done over the years. Not just the excellent back catalog, but current stuff like the Alpina B3, too.And yet, this exists.
Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully-electric versions will be available
Talks about Toyota turning the Crown into an SUV are resurfacing, and this time, more info about the famed nameplate's revamp has been revealed.According to a report by Reuters, Toyota's new Crown won't just be an SUV-it'
When practicality and performance collide
Long gone is the impression that a sporty vehicle is limited to only two doors and a ground-hugging stance. Some SUVs have since cemented their status as a fun ride, with models like the Porsche Macan leading the charge thanks to
This could work in the local market
Remember when Hyundai Asia Resources tried to make a dent in the local subcompact crossover scene by bringing in the Creta in 2017? Yeah, we don't blame you if you answer in the negative.The stylish little runabout, overshadowed by the
We wonder how much a full tank costs
Difficult to park, ridiculously oversized (at least for most purposes), and a textbook definition of a gas-guzzler-frankly, it's very difficult to imagine how one might make a ride like the Hummer H1 even less practical than it already is.
Wants like this are why credit card limits exist
Now, we know we said we were going to take a break from clicking on every classic Toyota Land Cruiser listing we come across online-but who are we kidding? Besides, it's not like we've bought one out of compulsion
Clever, or pointless?
Porsche sold 88,362 Macans last year. That's more than twice as many 911s Porsche shifted in 2021, even though the Macan is ancient. It's still the best-selling Porsche and thus, there's space for another one.Meet the
Think this should be sold in PH?
You know how we often say the cars sold in India match up nicely with the Philippine setting on account of the similarities between the two nations' road conditions? This might fit nicely inside that evidence folder.What is it? It's
In case floods are a regular thing in your area
Bronco this, Bronco that. It seems like a new Ford Bronco variant is coming out every couple of months now. Not that we're complaining-it's probably just the little green monster in our heads tapping away at the keyboard. Anyway,
It’s as pristine as any 30-year-old Lamborghini SUV can get
The Lamborghini LM002 is a bit of a unicorn. See, Lamborghini only built 328 units of these, which is why we don't often see these vintage machines. In the few times we do, though, it's always a treat-especially when
Is it really as durable as it looks?
The Rezvani Tank is a favorite among fans of burly (not to mention insanely expensive) go-anywhere rides. But is the vehicle really as durable as it looks?It definitely passes the eye test, and the fact that it's bulletproof only
Damn, that blue paint job is stunning
Jenson Button's old Ford Bronco is currently up for auction, which means you-yes, you-have the opportunity to purchase a classic off-roader once driven by a Formula 1 world champion.And not just any old Ford Bronco, but one
The SUV is as solid as it looks
Toyota has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to crash tests on our side of the globe. The latest offering from the Japanese brand to impress in terms of safety? None other than the all-new Land Cruiser LC300.The vehicle'
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