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The veteran is also the champ
The current Toyota Fortuner isn't exactly the youngest midsize SUV around. Introduced in 2016, the current generation is now seven years old. But like a veteran with something to prove, Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia entered two Fortuners at the Asia Cross
How much closer is the 250 Series to the big LC300 in terms of size?
Recently, Toyota unveiled the 2024 Land Cruiser Prado, aka the 250 Series. This new model boxier and more rugged than its predecessor. If you've seen our last Prado size comparo, you'll see how much its grown. So, how much closer
Hows does the all-new Prado size up against the old one?
One of the most awaited new SUVs to be launched this year is the all-new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The latest generation, known as the Series 250 in Toyota's language, has gone back to its rugged roots.For this
The third member of the current LC fam
It's not only the Land Cruiser '250 Series'-basically the all-new Prado-that was launched by Toyota today. The Japanese carmaker also unveiled the refreshed 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, which will one again be sold in Japan alongside
Like the new styling direction?
After weeks of teasers and previews, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has finally made its world premiere. Unveiled in the US as simply the Land Cruiser, it's the first all-new Prado in 14 years, making this a very
A modern, more practical FJ Cruiser?
We're excited to see what the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will look like once it's launched. After all, Japan's largest automaker released a teaser earlier in July, showing its boxy outline. It seems that Toyota is just
There's going to be a premium for space
Drivers of bigger cars will be expected to pay more for parking in Paris from the start of 2024. It's an attempt to squeeze SUVs out of the busy city streets and encourage more people to take alternative forms of transport,
by Cat Dow
We take a look at prices in India
There's no denying that the Suzuki Jimny is a charming little SUV. But what we really like about it is its off-road abilities and its pint-sized dimensions. Sure, it's not the most comfortable thing on the road, but
It’s definitely a classic now
The Land Cruiser is a name that bears much significance, not just for Toyota but also for people worldwide. It's an SUV that was born even before the term SUV was coined, and has deservedly earned a reputation for durability, dependability,
Will Suzuki PH make a unique Jimny too?
The Suzuki Jimny has seen several special edition models around the world. Most recently, there was the Heritage Edition shown in Australia a few months ago. Now, it's Malaysia's turn to make its own limited-run model of the popular
This Warrior wants to come out and play
It was a long time coming, but it's finally been revealed. It has been nearly a year since the first teaser came out, but Premcar has finally unveiled the Nissan Patrol Warrior. In case you're asking, Premcar is the company
It’s exclusive to the North American market
You've seen the all-new GX. Now it's time to check out the TX, Lexus' upcoming three-row SUV that we might never get in our market.Why, you might ask? Well, the TX is "a dedicated model specifically crafted
Good addition or one variant too many?
What is there left to say about the Ford Everest? Launched in mid-2022 in the Philippines, Ford's redesigned midsize SUV has been winning over customers everywhere and generally garnering good reviews. We've driven a few variants of the all-
An 'Expedition-like' EV SUV is coming soon
Just about every type of car is getting battery-powered these days. From small city cars to pickup trucks, the next generation of mobility is becoming more and more electric. Almost every automaker is investing big time in electric power, and Ford
Check out the specs
Even though the Toyota Tacoma isn't offered here, the pickup has gained some popularity in the country. Mind you, the third-generation model is already eight years old, so Toyota decided it was time for a full model change. Now, the
This could be the last V8 Patrol
If there's another SUV that's due for a full model change, it would be the Nissan Patrol. It was first introduced in 2010 and saw two facelifts along the way. The Patrol received a major refresh in 2019, but chief
A big price tag for the big SUV
For the longest time, the Ford Expedition was the de facto full-sized American SUV in the Philippine market. But the Expedition has since been retired, and Chevrolet wants to be the king of large SUVs in the country.During last year'
Mini EV pickups, anyone?
Remember the Baojun Yep? It's a mini EV SUV that was revealed earlier this year, and it did draw some parallelisms with a certain small SUV from Suzuki. That aside, the boxy and retro-inspired interior drew a fair bit of
It's like it was meant to be a convertible
There's another gem that needs adding to the list of 'single sentence horror stories': "A tuner has revealed a modified version of the new Land Rover Defender 90". Chilling stuff.Except, Neils van Roij - the designer behind a lovely two-door
That’s not the Fortuner’s rear, though, is it?
Just a bit after unveiling the all-new LM, Lexus is setting its sights on yet another upcoming launch for this year. This time, it won't be a full model change or a mid-cycle refresh of any existing model-it'
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