Subcompact showdown
When you think of subcompact sedans, the first name that usually comes to mind is the Toyota Vios. After that, it's likely the Honda City. The two cars listed in this fight might not always be top-of-mind in their
Challenging the Toyota Vios
In every product category, there is a dominant player and many challengers. For subcompact cars, the 800lb gorilla in the garage is the ubiquitous Toyota Vios. Any new car that wants to make an impact in the segment will do well to
See what it looks like in motion
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It's been three months since Suzuki jumped into the highly competitive subcompact sedan market by launching the Ciaz. Since then, we've been
A strong entry in the category
Mention the brand Suzuki and small cars easily come to mind. We recall the Alto and the Celerio mini hatchbacks, as well as the subcompact Swift.The typical Filipino consumer, however, still opts for a sedan, which is why the four-door
Specifications, features and prices
Suzuki Philippines has just let the motoring media try out its latest offering, the all-new Ciaz subcompact sedan. Yesterday, we told you what the "Ciaz" name means, but we bet that what you really want to know are the car's
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