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It pays to have competitive products
In this era of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, many carmakers have felt the impact on their sales. Despite this, Suzuki Philippines has announced that it has achieved a 6% growth during the first three quarters of 2018
Executive editor Dinzo Tabamo finds out
It's not hard to see why people go for the Suzuki Ertiga. It fulfills the most basic requirements needed from an urban MPV: space, strong A/C, and good looks. If you need a hauler for your growing family, this is
An underrated family hauler
Aside from subcompact SUVs, the other popular growing segment is that of the subcompact MPV. These affordable family haulers are basically the 21st century replacements of the rugged but crude AUVs. Most of them are derived from modern small car platforms, giving
Space vs. servicing
Hello Botchi,I would like to ask for your opinion on getting our first vehicle since you are one of the experts in this field. We are a family of six and we are considering getting a new ride that we will
A reliable family transport
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. When it comes to cars, the term "underrated" is getting harder and harder to throw around these days. Considering the amount of options available
Is this an underrated seven-seater?
There was a time when categories were simple. A van was a van. A sedan had four doors and a trunk. A hatchback had five doors. And then they were all categorized according to size. Then it all went to hell when
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