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There’s no room for breakdowns and delays
While the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to stay home, there is one sector that is flourishing in these trying times: delivery services.Motorbikes with top boxes and side panniers are busy delivering meals to households now that restaurants are prohibited
The company provided some helmets, too
There's at least one bright spot during the COVID-19 pandemic: Motorists and industry players stepping up to lend frontline healthcare workers a helping hand during the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine period.Over the past few weeks, we've seen
And what an adventure it was
Suzuki's latest Raider has been making the rounds on the Internet lately-not just because it's a new Raider, but because it's poised to fight in the dual-sport underbone segment currently dominated by a certain bike from another
Here’s the nemesis of the Honda XRM 125
Is Suzuki Philippines (SPI) preparing for war? By this, we mean the company appears to be readying itself for a fierce battle in the entry-level dual-sport segment by unleashing the 2020 Suzuki Raider J Crossover, which it revealed during its
Here's how the company did it
The riders started arriving at the World Trade Center in Pasay City as early as five in the morning, three hours before registration time. Some rode from as far as Pangasinan in the north, while others came from Batangas and Laguna in
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