The German carmaker wants in on the urban mobility lark
If you live in a city, there's a fairly good chance you've tripped over a strewn electric kick scooter in the past few weeks/months. Literally everywhere, aren't they?Well, never one to miss a niche-filling opportunity, BMW
This SUV sketch is codenamed ‘X200,’ and it looks familiar
Yes, this is a SsangYong, not another brand you might be thinking of. The Korean carmaker-owned by Indian engineering behemoth Mahindra & Mahindra-has released these new sketches of its upcoming next-generation SUV. Remember, SsangYong.The new SUV has been codenamed '
There will also be electric Benzes in every segment as early as next year
It's almost not really news any more when a car company announces "we're going all-electric." Ford, Jaguar-even Lotus-have all made such declarations lately. We know that's the direction the industry is banking on. But this is
The Italian carmaker just produced unit number 15,000
Here's some mathematics for you today. How many mid-engine V12-powered Lamborghini supercars do you suppose have been made?Historically, this question starts easily. Only 764 examples of the stunning Miura were produced. Versions of its successor-the outrageous Countach-
The Ferox Adventure mixes ‘American DNA with majestic Italian styling’
The entry-level variant can do 0-100kph in 6.2sec and tops out at 232kph
This is NOT, we repeat NOT, the all-new Macan EV due in 2023. Porsche's grand plan calls for its forthcoming electric SUV-codename E-Macan-to co-exist with the current car for a little while at least. In Porsche
It can do 0-100kph in 3.8sec
Prometheus was famed for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity. But one look at the new, third-generation Audi RS3's spec sheet suggests the big man might be a keen motoring enthusiast.Because any 'family hatchback' that
Sensible compared with the Valkyrie
While the Valkyrie was busy screaming up the hill and whipping the Goodwood crowds into a champagne-soaked frenzy, we were being ushered into a private viewing pod on the opposite side of the estate, away from the public's prying eyes
A new three-day race format will be followed for this weekend’s British GP
An attempt by the big bosses over at Formula 1 to spice up the track action and give the fans something exciting to watch across the entire race weekend.It's been used in lower Formulas before, but this weekend's British
It seems to be the case
On Thursday, the Skyway O&M Corporation, operator of the Skyway Stage 3, reported that traffic has been easing on the elevated facility after motorists complained about it during the first day of toll fee collection."We apologize for the inconvenience. While
It’s the least controversial-looking Bimmer in a while
Punchy-looking little fighter, isn't it? And yet, BMW's new 2-Series Coupe might well be BMW's least controversial-looking car for a long while. It's lumpy and bumpy from some angles. Downright squat and hunkered in others.
It’s the 204hp pocket rocket for grownups
Sensible, grownup people of the Internet-say hello to the facelifted Volkswagen Polo GTI. A five-door hot hatch for those of you who think the Ford Fiesta ST, the Hyundai i20N, and the Mini Cooper S are just a bit too
Klein Vision’s AirCar has come a long way
Mere hours after Hyundai's European boss said his company was making "very significant investments" in what he called "urban air mobility," a flying car built by a small Slovakian company called Klein Vision landed into Bratislava Airport after a 35-minute
The agency wants to outsource the production of plates from 2017 or earlier
Nope, that figure in the heading is not a typo: It will require the Land Transportation Office (LTO) P2.5 billion to finish manufacturing the remaining 18 million motorcycle plates in its backlog until mid-2022.During a recent Laging Handa briefing,
The RS200 is priced at P133,900, while the NS200 at P116,000
The Rouser, a product of Kawasaki and Bajaj's partnership, has established itself as an affordable and reliable choice for Filipino riders in the market for a sporty-looking commuter motorcycle. At the top of this model range are the Kawasaki Rouser
It’s building a Le Mans-worthy car, at the very least
Le Mans 2023 is shaping up to be pretty-darn spectacular, with the likes of Ferrari, Peugeot, Toyota, Porsche, and Audi all signed up to race. And BMW could be next. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.Munich has just announced that, starting in 2023,
The carmaker has committed to participating in the second season of the series
McLaren Racing-the bit of McLaren Group that does Formula 1, not the bit that builds Speedtails and Arturas-has announced it's going to race in Extreme E next year.Currently in the midst of its first-ever season, the off-
That’s one way to celebrate your 125th anniversary
At no point is any regular human ever likely to step out of an Audi RS6 and critique its speed. "It's just not fast enough," you'll probably never, ever, ever say.So, welcome ABT's celebratory modified Audi RS6, dubbed
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