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Built in collaboration with Swiss-made watch brand Creux Automatiq
Dingdong Dantes has unveiled the Creux Ghost EuroMonkeys Edition-his motorcycle group's collaboration piece with Swiss-made watch brand Creux Automatiq."After more than a year of exchanging ideas for this limited-edition design, the timepiece is finally here," the rider-
Pinoy pride!
Harley-Davidson is kicking the year off by staging its first virtual rally for its loyal owners and followers in the Asian region. The event will be hosted by Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets, and will feature events aimed at unifying the
Bentley inches closer to its fully hybrid lineup
This is the newly updated Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. On the face of it, it's big news: a notable step towards Bentley being fully hybrid by 2026, and an electric-only brand by 2030. But in truth it's a simple update
Complete with all the modern tech
You'll be aware of Lunaz by now. The Silverstone-based company is in the business of electrifying hyper-luxury classic cars and has already unveiled its takes on the Jaguar XK120, the original Bentley Continental, and the majestic Rolls-Royce Phantom
The concept design is pretty interesting
Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the 2020 Awards video yet-the Land Rover Defender wins the big one.To celebrate its achievement, we wrapped a 90 in a very fetching metallic gold livery. It really is very
A brand that many gamers remember
The classified that caught our eye this week is one for all the early 2010s gamers out there. Yep, it's a RUF CTR3. What a thing.For years Porsche was signed to an exclusivity agreement with EA, and all other racing
We’re not jealous, you are
Ah, Australia, home of making things far bigger than they really should be. The Big Banana. The Big Merino. John Farnham's career. And now, it seems, they're ready to unleash the latest episode in "Mine's bigger" (stop sniggering at
It's to centralize contact tracing efforts.
All establishments are ordered to adopt the Stay Safe app and its QR code to centralize contact-tracing efforts, Malacañang said on Friday, December 4.Government offices, private companies, hotels, and business establishments as well as public transportation units are required
The rainbow flag on the roof serves as “a symbol of all-inclusive peace”
It's fair to say our 'things to admire in 2020' list is looking pretty short right now. But two of them are combined here. It's a Toyota GR Yaris-one of this year's best cars, and therefore one of
Provided the complaints are properly documented upon submission
Were you among the many motorists who found themselves stuck in traffic during the first day of the 100% cashless transactions policy on tollways? According to news reports, the heavy volume of traffic from the long weekend was further hampered by technical
To help ease the Christmas rush traffic
On Thursday, December 3, Valenzuela City mayor Rex Gatchalian called on authorities to reimplement the number-coding scheme and the truck ban in the city due to heavy holiday season traffic.The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) suspended the said traffic schemes
This will be powered by the BMW i3’s 184hp, 270Nm electric motor
True, news of a prototype hot hatch testing around the Nurburgring isn't exactly cresting 'Dog Learns To Speak!' levels of hysteria, but this particular combination is quite a big moment, because underneath said prototype hot hatch lies a fully electric drivetrain.
The 2021 Formula E season will be Audi’s last
Big news, motorsport fans of the internet. 2021's Formula E season will be the last for Audi's factory-backed team. It's quitting the sport to focus on the Dakar Rally, which it will enter in 2022 with an "innovative
Yes, that really is its name. Scoot over, LaFerrari
Vaporware-o-meters at the ready, people, as here's another ambitious supercar startup that wants to plug a niche with a load of money and yet another headline-grabbing 1,000hp+ hypercar. So, without further ado, please be upstanding for 'The
Revealed just a week after the Technic McLaren Senna GTR broke cover
Last week, Lego unveiled the new Technic McLaren Senna GTR. It looks like a fantastic bit of kit, but as art imitates life, the Lego McLaren already has a rival from Italy.Yep, this is the first-ever Lego Technic model designed
Which one would you get?
That didn't take long. Mere days after the new, second-gen Subaru BRZ broke cover, the creative rendering industry has been attaching virtual wings or lopping off the roof.Yep, favorite X-Tomi Design sees the boxer-engined coupe
It’s a decent mix of a roadster and a sportbike
Shortly after dabbling in electric scooters with the Definition CE 04, BMW gets back to its usual business with the launch of the 2021 S1000 R.The German company describes it as having an "emotional roadster look combined with supersports riding dynamics,"
These 30-meter drops can supposedly simulate actual crash damages better
Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for the greater good. Take Volvo, which has started DROPPING brand-new cars from a height of 30 meters to help emergency services practice rescuing people from badly crashed, modern cars. Volvo says dropping cars "
Is there a place for this crossover in our market?
Welcome Internet, to the brand-new Nissan Qashqai. Woah, don't get too excited there.The third generation of Nissan's crossover will arrive in Spring 2021 (between March and April), replacing the ridiculously popular second-gen which has sold over one
Does the new look work for you?
Some people think an electric car should be subtle, and blend into the background like an internal combustion-powered car. BMW's designers (llink iX story here) certainly aren't those people, and neither, it seems, are Hyundai's.This is the
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