Our first Olympic gold medallist’s winnings now top P50-M
The perks of winning the Philippines' first-ever Olympic gold have snowballed for Hidilyn Diaz.Phoenix Petroleum is the latest firm to pledge incentives to the 30-year-old weightlifter behind a P5-million financial reward. Atty. Raymond Zorilla, senior vice president
“Yung iba, hindi na nakaririnig, naobserbahan ko”
In his final State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Rodrigo Duterte enumerated the transport- and motoring-related programs for the country's road users.Among the accomplishments mentioned by the Chief Executive are the new bridges, roads, flyovers, and other pieces
But slots are available for only 25 owners
KTM's latest addition to its bright orange stable is the track-only RC 8C. This limited-production motorcycle is now Team Orange's largest fully-faired sportbike.The RC 8C is a lightweight racing prototype with a bespoke chassis. Housed within
We can hope
Toyota does its own thing at its own pace-it'll get around to its electric vehicles and tiny fashionable urban crossovers and whatever-else-you're-after when it's good and ready. Someone at HQ has finally realized the firm
It’s come a long way from its wartime origins
Jeep is an American manufacturer of 4x4s and SUVs, as well as a source of subtly branded clothing to illustrate your affinity for all things off-road and 'Murican. Or at least your affinity for cut-price clothing bins.Jeep's start
“I’m swearing quite a lot and our forward-facing GoPro appears to have fainted”
We're next in the queue. Darren Turner, three-time Le Mans winner-aka my chauffeur-pushes the engine-start button on the bottom of the Aston Martin Valkyrie's squircle steering wheel. Nothing happens. Well, a hum and then a squeal
And sold it as quickly as its once-record-setting speed
Bugatti has fully restored the very first Veyron Grand Sport prototype, the 'convertible' version of the car formerly known as the fastest in the world.The prototype itself dates back to 2008 and its reveal at Pebble Beach. It was a 'white
Still a badge that commands respect on the road
Welcome to Maserati, the car company never content with just doing one thing. Race-car supremos? Maserati has done that. Ultra-luxe touring cars for people who are as rich as Croesus? Done that, too. Tech-heavy supercars? Yup. Pieces of wantonly
“Things that try to be two things tend not to be as good at either thing”
Welcome to the world of WaterCar, a company founded in California (where else?) at the end of the 20th century with a worthy mission: to build the fastest amphibious car on the planet.After two decades of toil, this noble feat was
A modern twist on the classic image of big American bikes
The bikes produced by Indian Motorcycles are distinct from those sold by its competitor, Harley-Davidson. Where Harley has mostly focused on chrome bits, bright and shiny paint, and a more mature rider base, Indian has gone down a darker (literally) route
It’s in front of SM Megamall
While driving on EDSA for the first time in months, my friend pointed to a huge monument being erected in front of SM Megamall. "It looks like Valak," he said. "It looks like the Nazguls from the Lord of the Rings," I
Perfect for the (ugh) new normal
Pity the poor GTA Online tuning enthusiast. They spend hours fettling their cars' performance, carefully selecting the perfect arrangement of vinyl decals and getting the fluffy dice just so, only to roll out of the garage and be immediately annihilated by some
Literally—it’s a one-off built for the 1954 Mille Miglia
Only the most diehard Porsche fans among you will have heard of Walter Glöckler. From the moment Porsche started building road cars in 1948, the German Porsche/VW dealer began turning them into racers. And Porsche was paying attention-Glöckler'
Only their badges are different
Back in the '50s, Jawa (pronounced 'Java') exported its motorcycles to over 120 countries. While the originally Czech brand's production went down in the following decades, it saw a revival when Mahindra's Classic Legends acquired the Indian rights a couple
We reckon some of you might have things to say about this
Here's one that might just rattle the purists. Everrati's last electric car conversion was a Porsche 911, and even though it was a 964-gen Tiptronic-i.e. not a mega-money rarity-the bottom half of the internet was
Did you enjoy the new qualifying format?
The majesty of one-lap heroics has been immortalized into Formula 1's history like no other; there's a romanticism attached to, say, Senna's qualifying lap at the 1988 Monaco GP, or Mansell at the British GP in 1992, or
It could be the best all-rounder in its segment
Depending on where you are, the Bayon is now the smallest crossover Hyundai offers. It costs from just over £20,000 (P1.39 million) and it has all the hallmarks of being a slightly taller, boxier version of the i20. A sensible
Here’s a behind-the-scenes look
After a lengthy pandemic-enforced delay-a real-life Mission: Impossible-Black Widow arrives to entice you back to the cinemas (if they're open where you are). Honestly, who knows where the summer's action blockbusters would be without the protagonists
Only 740 of these will be made
It was 60 years ago that a chap called John Cooper-owner of the Cooper Car Company, which won the F1 constructors' titles in 1959 and 1960-realized the sporting potential of the humble Mini.You know the story-Cooper-fettled Minis
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