Hot damn
Remember the Rezvani Tank? It's a California-based performance car manufacturer's vision of a "Tactical Urban Vehicle," and it looks like a cross between a Toyota FJ Cruiser and Christopher Nolan's version of the Batmobile. Well, it appears Jamie
Potholes be damned
Do lots of driving in the city? Then what you need is a "Tactical Urban Vehicle." Forget SUVs, it's all about TUVs.But what form should a TUV take? For urban driving, and its terrible traffic and problematic parking, you'd
Watch 5 entertaining videos
For this week's YouTube roundup: A contestant on The Price Is Right wins a $120,000 Aston Martin; M1A1 armored tanks play around in the snow; Justin Bieber goes on Carpool Karaoke's Grammy Awards edition; three generations of compact BMW
One of them is made in Indonesia
We're sorry to break this to you, Doug Kramer. Your Isuzu MU-X is, um, cute, not badass.The most badass vehicles we've recently seen are those from the 2015 Indonesia International Motor Show's Military Zone. Introduced for the
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