To promote alternative mobility
You may have noticed the spike in the prices of bicycles-whether imported or locally manufactured-by now. This is due to the strong demand from the fast-growing cycling community, especially after the government began promoting alternative mobility as public transport
Check out the existing and upcoming government EV policies and programs
According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), vehicle emissions account for 69% of air pollution in the Philippines, 90% of which come from Metro Manila alone.In a bid to increase the purchase and use of electric vehicles in
Why can't PH leaders do the same?
As the planet gets hotter due to global warming, programs that grant incentives to alternative-fuel vehicles are definitely welcome. Thailand has its Eco Car program that offers fuel-efficient cars at cheaper prices. Norway gives tax breaks, free parking and other
Too many customers can\'t make monthly payments
The end of Thailand\'s \"First-Car Buyer\" subsidy scheme has triggered a slew of articles declaring the ambitious $2.5-billion project a failure. Of the 1.2 million buyers who availed of the generous subsidy, anywhere from 100,000 to
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