A new AXN game show on wheels
Finally, there's one good thing that traffic might give Metro Manila commuters: a chance to win cash through the game show Cash Cab Philippines.AXN's new 13-episode series will kick off on December 22 at 8:50pm. An encore
Which transportation service is better?
There are inevitable days when we can't--or would rather not--use our personal vehicles. There are "coding" situations, scheduled maintenance, or times when you just want to avoid the soul-sucking experience of Metro Manila traffic.Back in the day,
Good idea or bad?
Rep. Cesar Sarmiento (Catanduanes) has filed House Resolution 1771, which tasks the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to take a more proactive stance in preventing taxi-related crimes."Public order and safety strongly demand that a holistic strategy--not a case-
Take it from the biggest company in PH
One of the Philippines' rising car brands recently hosted a dinner for Top Gear Philippines. As usual, stories about the automotive industry inevitably came about.During one such conversation, we were informed that the brand hosting the dinner had been courting R&
See for yourself
Contrary to what some people think, members of the Top Gear staff don't drive a different new car every week. We don't have a basement parking garage full of the latest in automotive metal. There are maybe three or four
Now that's some feel-good news
Finally, some feel-good motoring news involving a Filipino driver. BBC News has reported that a Pinoy taxicab driver in Las Vegas returned a bag left by a passenger inside his car. The contents of the bag? A cool $300,000 in
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