Break out those credit cards
All right, so Apple has finally dropped its iPhone 14 lineup. Naturally, the devices feature a handful of upgrades over their predecessors-but we all know that's not the first thing that popped into most buyers' minds when the news broke
Monitors, racing wheel, and pedals not included
At first glance, the GTElite Cockpit Ford GT Edition by Next Level Racing looks like a pretty nice bargain. Just $799 (just under P45,000) for this? Not bad at all-at least if you're basing it on some of the
This is only until the end of the month
In case you still aren't aware, the iPhone 14 is coming soon-which means you're likely to find some pretty neat deals on older-generation iPhones during the lead-up to the launch.Power Mac Center, for example, is holding
We won't hold it against you if you find this news a bit frustrating. There are many of us still struggling to get our hands on the PlayStation 5, and Sony goes ahead and releases a brand-spanking-new controller for
Just in time for the holidays
Sure, buying a PlayStation 5 is much less of a hassle now than it was when the console came out in 2020. Getting your hands on a unit, though, is still far from a walk in the park.In the Philippines, the
Is the title becoming a simulator now?
Sky-rocketing fuel prices? Increasing fares? Inflation? It appears 2021 is finally getting serious. Perhaps not 2020 levels of serious, but still serious nonetheless.Thankfully, there's still the option of kicking back, powering on a console or smartphone, and escaping reality
NFTs for everyone!
You either love non-fungible tokens (NFT), hate them-or, like us, have little idea exactly what these things are. Formula 1 seems to know what's up with the movement, though, as it had an officially licensed NFT blockchain game as
The application of this feature remains limited, though
Yes, we know that losing your driver's license is incredibly unlikely considering it just sits inside your wallet all day. Anyone who's ever lost it, however, will tell you that dealing with the ordeal can be a serious pain in
This could be a game changer
Driving through world-famous race tracks or Instagram-worthy mountain roads using a simulator is nice and all, but there's nothing quite like being behind the wheel on a route you're already familiar with in real life. Can you imagine
Frankly, this looks ready for production
Technology and mobility-whether in cars, public transportation, or things on two wheels-essentially go hand-in-hand these days. This is why we come across more than a handful of concept vehicles at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
But can it run Crysis?
We've found it. This is the world's fastest gaming PC. As you've probably noticed from the image of the thing, however, there's a pretty big catch here.This gaming PC, built by Sega and ASRock to commemorate Steam'
Own any of these titles?
For us, the latest PlayStation's main job is to play host to Gran Turismo 7 when that arrives in March 2022, but while it's tempting to hover by the letterbox waiting for that to arrive, there's actually plenty to
As usual, keep your eyes on the road while driving
Remember when TikTok wasn't a thing? Yeah, neither do we. These days, the app is everywhere-even in our car's touchscreens.Okay, maybe not in our cars' touchscreens since we're in the Philippines. But if you happen to own
Take your pick
An expensive gadget designed to help you achieve your goals can also give you the impetus to pursue a lofty new year's resolution -because buyer's remorse is a pretty good motivator.Kidding aside, here are eight tech gifts you can
Because some gadgets need airflow as well
One thing many cars and gaming rigs have in common? Airflow and keeping things cool are vital to making the most out of your setup. This applies to everything from desktop PCs and consoles like the PlayStation 5 to supercars.If you
When do you think tech like this will reach us?
Our motoring future is a digital one. We aren't just referring to autonomous vehicles or advanced in-car connectivity features, either. Even our driver's licenses will one day ditch plastic and ink in favor of a touchscreen display.Starting 2022,
This, or a scooter?
One wheel, one board, and battery-powered-these things are about as minimalist as alternative forms of mobility get. If you think these qualities make them affordable, though, think again.This is the GT. It's electric board manufacturer Onewheel's flagship
One of the most solid brands in the business
Just because we're all stuck at home at the moment doesn't mean we can't get excited for when we can finally go out. If you're already planning your next motoring excursion-whether it be a cross-country trip
Those of you who use performance motorcycles on the regular might want to be careful about what kind of smartphone you take with you during rides: Apple has warned that high-power motorcycle engines can "degrade" the camera systems of some of
Only 20 recreational versions will be made
Your daydreams of soaring over Metro Manila traffic on a flying motorcycle might be closer to reality than you think. What was previously a conceptual sci-fi vehicle is now being brought into the real world by Jetpack Aviation (JPA)-the same
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