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Don't get into an accident
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.It'd be an understatement to say that the Anti-Distracted Driving law has caused an uproar among motorists. First there was the confusion
According to Anti-Distracted Driving Act's rules
After Republic Act 10913 (aka Anti-Distracted Driving Act or ADDA) was suspended two weeks ago, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) didn't get, umm, distracted and went to work to revise the implementing rules and regulations (IRR).During a recent meeting
Some quick updates
Hey, weary motorists. Wondering what happened to Republic Act (RA) 10913, aka the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA)? It made the headlines, and then launched heaps of memes. It was implemented, and then suspended. The last we heard was that a revision
And it's effective immediately
Unless you've been living under a rock, then you will have heard all about the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA) and how much confusion and anger it has caused among motorists. Since it was enforced last week, the Internet has been
Courtesy of social media
Today marks the first day of the Anti-Distracted Driving law's implementation, so either your gadgets are neatly tucked away inside your pockets, or you've busy all day dodging enforcers. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has already released guidelines regarding
We clarify with government officials
Ever since it was announced that the Anti-Distracted Driving law will be enforced starting on May 18, there's been a lot of hubbub about how the law will affect drivers and how it will be enforced. Chief among the discussion
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