A new hour-long show
Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that an all-new, US-based series of Top Gear will air later this year on BBC America. It is called Top Gear America.The hosts? Hollywood star William Fichtner-who's appeared in
You can get one locally
In the course of doing a gift guide for the recent Father's Day, we stumbled upon this: a virtual racing seat that boasts Top Gear branding. To be specific, it's the Top Gear Edition of the Playseat Evolution, which, according
Who tests GT-Rs and Zs for a living
Ever wonder how that car or SUV you're driving gets that supple ride? Or how a sports coupe handles so well? In case you're unaware, this is the job of test drivers, who ensure that each and every vehicle that
It looks and feels like the real thing
Tonight, we're announcing our 2015 Car of the Year at Privé Luxury Club. Our COTY is already on its fourth year, but this is the first time we're actually holding an event to award a trophy. And what a handsome
Some say gasoline is his water
We know very little about Top Gear's tame racing driver. There have been two books written about him, both completely untrue. Even the official one. We know he is between 5'7" and 6'2", and between 60kg and 95kg.He
As his new DVD hits the market
The Stig has spoken. Well, the previous one at least. Ben Collins, formerly the world's favorite mystery driver, has chosen the all-new Ford Mustang as his ultimate stunt car in his new film Ben Collins: Stunt Driver.His decision was
Xbox One game also includes new GT
Gamers and car fans alike have a reason to rejoice as Microsoft is set to unveil one of the most exciting racing games not called Gran Turismo--the much-awaited Forza Motorsport 6. Developed for the Xbox One, the newest installment of
Let us count the amusing ways
NOTE: This piece was first published in the September 2013 edition of our magazine, in honor of our 100th issue.The passion for cars takes many forms. There are off-roaders, drag racers, circuit people, new-car guys, old-schoolers, aftermarket modifiers,
Just another day at the office
There's this popular Top Gear shirt that says, "I am the Stig." The Stig, of course, is the nonspeaking race car driver in white overalls who test-drives cars on your favorite automotive TV show. And the shirt we're referring
The popular motoring TV show, that is
The Top Gear TV program is unlike any motoring show on the planet. It's unlike any TV show, period. Whatever the three popular hosts (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) and executive producer Andy Wilman did, they managed to present
A moment of silence, please...
Some say there's this tame racing driver who doesn't say a single word and yet has everyone's attention. Some say there's this guy in white overalls whose face no one has ever seen, and yet he's a
For your smartphone and computer
Because it's Christmas season, we feel like we have to share something with you. So here are some Top Gear Philippines wallpapers that you may download for free. Just pick your favorite design and download the version you prefer. There's
Former race driver Tyson Sy has been there
Among true fans of the Top Gear brand, anything with the TG logo is worth buying. Shirts, keychains, caps, mugs, pens, stickers--anything. In fact, we get a lot of inquiries from readers who want to know if Top Gear Philippines isn'
How do we know that?
Put cars in anything and you have our attention. Car-shaped cake? We want a slice, please. Car-inspired alcoholic beverage? Pass us a shot. Car-themed shirt? We'll have one in our size, thank you very much.So if a
Some say he's the supercar whisperer
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Read at your own risk
The visual you see above is what greets you if you go to our Facebook page, featuring our profile pic that shows our EIC wearing Stig's helmet while working on his desktop computer. That profile pic has sort of started a
It's just as addictive
In case you've grown tired of playing Flappy Bird on your mobile phone, we'd like to suggest an exciting new game, developed by no less than the most awesome automotive media brand on the planet. Top Gear has just released
Do you agree?
The British newspaper The Telegraph has reported that Andy Wilman--producer of the world's most popular motoring TV show, Top Gear (ahem)--said the high-octane television series is designed for viewers with a mental age of nine. Our TV counterpart,
Watch the video
Honda\'s British subsidiary and its partner in the British Touring Car Championship, Team Dynamics, have teamed up off the racetrack to create what may be the world\'s fastest lawn mower.According to Honda UK, the brief for what has come
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