Do we take it too seriously sometimes?
I am trying, and failing, to jam another stack of flattened Amazon boxes into our recycling bin, when I notice Bob beckoning furtively from across the road. Bob lives on our street. We're on first-name terms. We're definitely not
Is it worth it?
For high-performance nuts like myself, the high-octane fuels that are available in this country are a godsend. However, high-octane fuel carries a price premium. So, is it really better for your car? If it costs more, it should be
It's easy to keep it water-free
As tough and reliable as a diesel engine is, it does require extra attention when it comes to maintenance. Here's a simple procedure that anyone can do, and it will come in handy if your diesel motor won't start.Super
This vital engine component must always be in good shape
I began to notice a pink coolant residue that was beginning to form around the top of the radiator of my car. It eventually got worse. I'm glad I have a spare radiator handy. It's time to install it.It'
This requires immediate attention
Erratic engine temperatures? Needing to top up the radiator every morning? It is time to inspect the engine cooling system. Case study is my brother's Honda Civic. The hatchback has been showing inconsistent temperatures after a major overheat. Something happened and
Projectiles can hurt
The rear deck in a sedan is the space behind the rear seat back, underneath the rear window. This is usually where the stock speakers, third brake light, and rear wiper motor are mounted. However, the rear deck is often seen by
We've all done it
You've done it, I've done it, we've all done it. Gotten in our parents' cars, playing with the switches, the controls and whatever other movable, touchable, switchable things are within arm's reach from the driver's seat, until
Follow the three-second rule
So you already know (or at least you damn well should know) that tailgating is a big no-no when you're driving. As much as you want to get ahead of the guy in front of you, tailing their bumper at
It's that time of year again
This month marks the official arrival of traffic hell-or as it's more commonly known, Christmas in Manila. Extended mall hours, 13th month pay, a ton of discounts-yep, it's definitely here alright. All these factors and more come together
Spare yourself potential headaches
You can find some very good deals in the secondhand car market if you know what model you want and how to give it a proper once-over. Here are some things you can do when examining the used car you want
Good for both car and passengers
Summer's obviously here. With the road-trip season comes the higher temperatures that we all have to contend with. For car owners, it means taking steps to minimize the negative effects of the scorching heat. The elevated temperatures can take a
Watch 5 entertaining videos
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.5 things you should never do in a 4x4 vehicle. So we again feature another Engineering Explained video, this time about the dos and
1st episode of The Workshop Online
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.In the interest of safety, you should never take car maintenance for granted. Do you know if your braking system needs checking? How do
Even long-time motorists, actually
The experience of having your first car-brand-new or used-is one of life's greatest milestones. For those who were not born into wealth, the first car is a "level up" moment, an achievement level unlocked that is both exciting
Nobody likes being stranded
A car battery dying in the middle of nowhere is one scenario no motorist relishes. Yes, there's that Motolite hotline that you can call to deliver a new battery to wherever you are. But that's assuming you have cash or
If you want to keep your steed running forever
Our cars represent a significant chunk of pocket change. And if you're like most motorists, you want to get the most out of your car before the time comes to let it go. Take note that I said "let go," not "
So you can get fresh rubbers!<br />
A new bill filed at the House of Representatives seeks the prohibition of selling tires which are more than six years old in the local automotive market.Rep. Narciso Santiago III of the ARC party-list recently filed House Bill 7034 or
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