The brand’s products reach far above our atmosphere
Airless tires? Sure, it might be the next big step for automobiles. Goodyear, though, is also working on a giant leap for the industry.The Ohio-based tire manufacturer is currently helping Lockheed Martin build its next-generation lunar vehicle. The two
Can airless tires give the best of both worlds?
It seems like it's been forever since we were promised airless tires for our cars. Most notably with the Tweel, Michelin's next-generation tire design. But despite the numerous press releases, and the launch of a number of airless products
Could this be the next big thing?
The age of the airless tire could almost be upon us-at least if tire manufacturers can overcome the last few hurdles keeping this technological advancement at bay. And it does look like this is the case.According to a report by
Time to branch out to other sources of natural rubber
Goodyear has announced it is developing a source of natural rubber derived from dandelions that it can use for its tires. Yes, dandelions. Flowers. Tires made of out flowers. Dandelion tires.The idea stems from a desire to develop a US-based
For when regular tires won’t cut it
Experienced drivers will tell you that driving onto a track with proper high-performance tires can make a world of difference in how a car handles. That said, serious enthusiasts are willing to spend a considerable extra on more durable tires that
Familiar with the wheel clamp or parking boot? Then you're probably aware that once one of these babies is slapped onto your vehicle, your best course of action is to pay a fine and have it removed by authorities. Chances are
‘Unsafe’ is a major understatement here
We can't stress enough how important it is for motorists to keep their tires in check. These pieces of rubber are literally what's keeping your ride planted on the road, so it's vital you keep them in proper working
This might be an actual thing in the future
Goodyear is continuing to make strides with its airless or non-pneumatic tire (NPT) technology. Last year, the company gave us a glimpse of the revolutionary tires being tested with driverless buses. Now, it is testing custom-engineered NPTs for Starship delivery
When do you think products like this will hit market?
In 2019, Michelin grabbed people's attention with the announcement that it would be bringing airless tires to market by the year 2024. The company is hardly the only one in the tire industry, though, looking to change the game by ditching
Is this the future of rubber?
Hey, we love cars, but even we have to admit that motoring is a passion that takes a toll on the environment. One of the biggest byproducts the automotive industry churns out? Tires.Well, some tire manufacturers are finally beginning to clean
Capable on- and off-road
Need new rubber for your pickup or SUV? You might want to check out Michelin's newest offering in our market: the LTX Trail.The LTX Trail tires are capable on- and off-road and are designed specifically for pickups and SUVs.
It’s supposed to come out in 2024
Remember the neat airless tire concept Michelin came up with back in 2019? It was called the Uptis-that's short for Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System-and it's supposed to revolutionize the tire industry when it hits the market in
Lighter, better for efficiency, and easier on the planet
The auto industry's current obsession with going green isn't just limited to electric cars and hybrid powertrains. In case you weren't aware, companies are turning their attention to reducing the environmental impact of other components, too.Tires are one
Goodyear now uses autonomous vehicles for real-world testing of its tire tech
What happens when a driverless car gets a flat? Will the vehicle slow down and pull over? How do you change the tire afterwards, then? More important, who changes the tire?Well, Goodyear has quite the straightforward approach to address all this:
These tires are produced using FSC-certified natural rubber and rayon
BMW is taking another big step towards a greener future, as it has now announced that it will be using new sustainable tires in the X5 xDrive45e plug-in hybrid later this year.These 'sustainable tires' are produced using certified sustainable natural
Siklo Pilipinas has found a clever use for waste rubber
Not-so-fun fact: tire rubble accounts for a good chunk of the plastic waste in the ocean. With that, let us ask you-what do you do with your cars' old tires? Do you sell them for junk, upcycle or recycle
Specifically built for the light commercial truck segment
Michelin has launched a new product that we think business owners-particularly of small- and medium-sized enterprises-might find useful: the Agilis 3. This is French brand's new tire built for the light commercial truck segment. If you own such
It pays to have these ready at all times
Hope for the best but expect the worst. It might not be the most upbeat mantra to live by, but keeping it mind can certainly save you from disappointments, headaches, and other potential disasters. Sure, be optimistic all you like, but just
This is kind of important
When it comes to tires and tire pressure, the usual advice is to go with what the car manufacturer recommends. This is for regular driving on roads, though, and if you drive out on an off-road adventure with friends with your
It draws power directly from a car’s alternator
Whenever your car turns a wheel, whether it's powered by gasoline, diesel, or electricity, its tires release microscopically small particles of rubber into the atmosphere. These particles are hugely damaging to our health and the environment. They find their way into
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