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He had a go at our sim-racing rig and took on Laguna Seca using the Toyota GR86
We gave out art instead of trophies during the 2020 Top Gear Philippines awards
Yes, we know that there's nothing quite like the feeling of walking up on stage and being handed a trophy for a much-deserved win during an awards ceremony. But since actual physical awards ceremonies are currently out of the question
2020 was a busy year for San Miguel
Person of the Year. It's the first time Top Gear Philippines is handing one of these babies out as part of its annual awards event, and, as such, a lot of thought went into choosing the winner. We'd be lying,
Just a heads up
Earlier today, news broke out that Facebook did some cleaning up on its platforms, removing a bunch of shady accounts in the process. Uh, Mark? We think you may have missed one.Several readers have reached out to us about a fake
It’ll read an entire article out loud for you
If you're beginning to get tired of reading all the content you come across these days, don't worry, because we're sure you're not alone. Considering how much material we've consumed through social media and other online platforms
What every driver needs (ish) to know
For years, you have been the car guy in the family. You know when a new model has been released, how much it costs, and whether it's a good or bad car. You're also the most reliable driver, since you
The team took home five trophies in total
It's that time of the year again when Ford Philippines recognizes the standouts among the many talented journalists in the automotive beat. But the 19th Henry Ford Awards (HFA) was a little different.For the first time ever, an award for
Check out the mechanics here
Attention, avid readers of Top Gear Philippines! We have a little something just for you.We have two Rustan's gift certificates worth P5,000 each, which we'll be giving away at random to two of our lucky readers. But of
We give recognition to the best cars and manufacturers of 2019
As the year draws to a close, Top Gear Philippines once again makes its picks for the top cars and manufacturers of 2019.This year, the top honor for the Top Gear Philippines Car of the Year goes to the Suzuki Jimny.
We saw what you all did there
We at Top Gear PH take our jobs very seriously. But when the hectic work schedule takes its toll, you can't blame us for having a little fun. Case in point: The photo above that was posted on our Facebook page.
Come visit the Top Gear PH and Petron booths at MIAS 2019
Have you been to the 2019 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) yet? If not, it is on until Sunday. And if you are into restored rides, there's something for everyone. Petron is the main sponsor of the Classic and Custom
The show is now on its 15th year
The 2019 Manila International Auto Show is now in full swing, and once again, Top Gear PH is its official media partner. It's hard to imagine that this is the 15th iteration of this much-awaited car show, and we must
Because we love receiving mail in any medium
We love snail mail, a rarity in the age of the Internet. That being said, even if Top Gear PH is 100% digital now, we are surprised that we still get handwritten letters. The last one we received came from Davao. This
Yay or nay?
According to the world wide web, in 2009, we watched Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen in theaters, we felt #PinoyPride when a Filipino 'street educator' was lauded as CNN Hero Of The Year, and traffic was not as bad as it is
Check out the cover car
Ah, 2009. A time when the Black Eyed Peas were all over the airwaves, Manny Pacquiao's fights were nation-stopping events, and the US economic recession was in full swing. It was also the year that this very website first went
A complete overhaul
Those of you who frequent the Top Gear Philippines website on mobile or desktop may have noticed a couple of changes. We are proud to announce that it has undergone a complete overhaul, and is now cleaner, smoother, and a lot more
You guys are gold
On an average day in Top Gear PH online country, we get roughly hundreds of comments a day, thousands of shares, and tens of thousand of reactions.Most of the comments are readers tagging people they know about the latest news and
Summit Media is now a 100% digital company
Dear readers,After an epic 151 issues spanning 13 years, the print version of Top Gear Philippines will fold. Although it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that our May 2018 Issue is our final one in the print
Here's a quick tour
The Manila International Auto Show is a massive event, and we are honored to be its media partner year after year. It must be our reputation for always breaking the news as it happens. Check out the 'Work and Play' MIAS 2018
A look at what’s hot and what’s coming this year
Are you wondering about what cars and motorbikes are on the market? Are you curious about releases that are coming out this year? Then let us point you in the right direction. Our New Car Buyer's Guide (What's Hot, What'
Thanks for another successful year
We have fun with our jobs at Top Gear Philippines, and we're grateful every day that we get to write about, shoot, and drive the latest cars for a living. Still, it's not a responsibility we merely enjoy, but one
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