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“No one outside of the development team has experienced Vmax in a Chiron”
We just did the math
So SSC reckons its upcoming 1,750hp Tuatara could be the world's first 300mph (483kph) production car. Engineering a car to do that sort of speed is such a leap into the (very expensive) unknown that you might not bet your
Well, sometimes
A couple of months ago, Chevrolet made us go 'whoa' when its new 650hp Camaro ZL1 posted a 7m 29.6s lap time around the Nurburgring. That's faster than many fast things, including both the Koenigsegg CCX and CCR. So we
Find out what its top speed is
The GTP 700 of German tuner Gemballa is supposedly the \"fastest sedan with a weight of over two tons\" after it was clocked going at 338.8kph at the Nardo high-speed track recently in Italy.According to Gemballa, the GTP 700,
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