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Even for fully-vaccinated individuals
If you're the proud owner of a vaccination card that shows you've already gotten the required doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine here in the country, and you've been busy making travel plans these past few days, a
Take note
On March 21, the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases released Resolution No. 184, placing the entire Metro Manila as well as Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal-treated as one area and dubbed as 'GCQ bubble'-under
*face palm emoji*
The GCQ bubble pertains collectively to Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal. The Greater Manila Area, in other words, but it's now also being called NCR Plus. Because all these areas are under general community
Aka the borders of Greater Manila and adjacent provinces
Here's another acronym for your quarantine alphabet soup: The Philippine National Police (PNP) has just released its list of QCPs, or quarantine control points, that will be set up along the borders of the new general community quarantine (GCQ) 'bubble.'In
This could take effect next month
Within the week, President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to decide on whether or not the entire country may be placed under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) come March. If approved, the nationwide shift to the least restrictive form of quarantine-which is
To be collected only on weekends
If you have plans to travel south this long weekend, and your itinerary happens to include Ternate in Cavite, then be aware that the local government is now collecting a P20 ecological fee from cyclists, riders, and motorists passing through the municipality.
It cost P22.6 million
Eager to go road tripping once this pandemic is over? If Southern Leyte is one of the destinations you plan on checking out, you'll be glad to know the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has just completed a new
Do you have any road trips planned ahead?
The Department of Tourism (DOT) wants you to know that safe and responsible local travel is possible during a pandemic, and Nissan Philippines (NPI) is helping the agency pave a path towards normalcy once more.The Japanese carmaker and the DOT have
Missing the mountains?
Planning a trip to Baguio City already? If so, there's a convenient new way to get to the country's summer capital without bringing your own car you may want to check is a new online platform powered
Celebrating freedom while under quarantine
Some things can really be addicting. Take the case of the Vespa Club South (VSC), an exclusive group of riders who have developed an addiction not to any harmful vice, but to patriotism for our country.For the past six years, rain
To boost the local tourism industry
With restricted movement by land, air, and sea among the measures imposed to combat COVID-19 in the Philippines, there's no arguing that the tourism sector is one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic. Livelihoods and businesses that rely on
Stay home, stay safe
The Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine period and its accompanying public transportation ban have, quite frankly, turned most parts of Metro Manila into ghost towns.Places and thoroughfares which are usually busy-either packed with cars or the hustle and bustle of
Some good news for today
Here's a bit of good news for the Beatles fans out there: The iconic Abbey Road crosswalk, currently devoid of pesky tourists because of the ongoing coronavirus scare, has received a fresh coat of white paint.According to a report by
Will infrastructure boom negate COVID-19’s impact on PH tourism?
The impact of the coronavirus stretches far beyond the borders of health and general public safety-factories have been shut down, stocks have fallen, have been canceled?That last bit may sound trivial in the grand scheme of the outbreak,
Truly an Instagram-worthy location
A scenic view of the mountainside is what Instagram dreams are made of, and a road like the Mangatarem-Santa Cruz Road-more famously known as 'Daang Kalikasan'-that provides said view is bound to be flocked by tourists.It's a
*Update: The DPWH has already confirmed the road’s closure
Are you familiar with Daang Kalikasan? You know, that stretch of road in Pangasinan that's gone viral because of its picturesque surroundings? Well, it might be closed because of the high number of accidents in the area.In a Facebook post
Ride one, we want to
Star Wars is an unprecedented feat in entertainment. Forty-two years have passed since the release of the first film, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, in the US back in 1977. The final installment in the series, Star Wars: The
The statues were meant to instruct the public on very specific lessons
Last week, two sculptures of La Madre Filipina were returned to their original plinths on the historic Jones Bridge in Manila. The first statue is a replica of the original that was destroyed in World War II, while the second statue was
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