A tasty collab...sort of
In the world of die-cast car collecting, Tomica is a name that's familiar to a lot of collectors. One could even say it turned a lot of '90s kids into car enthusiasts because of the wide variety of cars that
As part of the 2023 Icon series
Anyone fancy a new Lego model? We certainly do. Though we tell ourselves gifts for special occasions are the only way to justify the pricey, yet spectacularly detailed adult Lego sets, the struggle to wait is real. And now as part of
by Cat Dow
You won’t want to miss out
As you're likely already aware, 2023 marks the 60th year that McLaren has been in the business of speed. And to celebrate the occasion, Lego's gone and made two 'Lego Speed Champions' models of McLaren road cars. Well, road cars
There’ll be one set for each decade of the brand
In celebration of Matchbox's 70th anniversary, parent company Mattel is paying tribute with a special-edition Matchbox range. Seven different assortments-one for each decade-feature new castings of iconic models such as the Jaguar D-Type, the Porsche 911 Turbo,
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Guess how much one of these goes for
Christmas is coming up. And you know what that means? It's time for ninong to pony up.Usually, a shiny new die-cast will suffice. If, however, ninong is feeling extra generous this year, perhaps the gift idea he's looking
Sadly, the toy won’t drift on its own
Remember Toyota's wicked autonomous drift car that it developed in collaboration with Stanford University, GReddy, and pro drifter Ken Gushi? It first unveiled the project back in January 2021, with the Toyota Research Institute aiming to use it to improve the
If you’re still looking for somewhere to go to, here’s an idea
If you're still on the lookout for stuff to do this Father's Day weekend, check out what's going down at the Alabang Town Center (ATC).There's an RC Track Competition and FreePlay happening at the ATC Activity Center
The current facility’s annual export amounts to $23.24 million
The Tamiya Group of Japan, through its subsidiary Tamiya Philippines, has announced a P1.5-billion capital injection into the Philippines that will be poured into building a new production facility in Cebu Light Industrial Park.Tamiya is the manufacturer of the
Shakespeare Chan passed away in February, his wife Lily in March
We have some sad news for toy-car enthusiasts out there: The founders of Lil's Hobby Center, Shakespeare and Lily Chan, have passed away. To celebrate the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Chan, we take a look back at how the
Great Scott!
Lego is giving Back to the Future fans a nice blast from the past this year after announcing a new three-in-one Creator set of the film franchise's iconic DeLorean DMC-12 time machine.Now, we know the term 'three-
The new Lego Technic set has just landed in PH
Any McLaren fans here? If you'll be rooting for the Papaya Orange team in the upcoming Formula 1 season, here's something that might pique your interest: the new MCL36 Lego Technic set.The set has just landed in the Philippines
Attention, RC nuts
Remote-controlled car (RC) enthusiasts looking for a more convenient location to show off their skills now have another option when choosing a venue for a race.Robinsons Malls has announced the opening of a new indoor multi-track for RC lovers
Think you can do this?
Performing stunts using remote-controlled cars might have lower stakes compared to doing so behind the wheel of real ones, but it takes a considerable amount of skill nonetheless.Don't believe us? Then maybe you should check out rcdrifttok and ask
Just needs a little bit of elbow grease
Everyone's favorite radio-controlled car builder Tamiya has unveiled some of its new products for 2022, and we are obsessed with this brilliant recreation of the Ford Bronco. You can't handle the cuteness.Tamiya says that this will be an
The toymaker has revealed its new sets for 2022
Lego has unveiled its all-new teeny Speed Champions sets for 2022, and the big news is that one is a twin pack that includes the 2021 Merc W12 F1 car and a bricky version of the AMG Project One. Yep, you'
Toyota has given the company a custom scale-model Hilux replica to say thanks
If you want an example of 'brand loyalty,' just take a look at Philippine automotive sales charts. Toyota leading the way year in and year out shows just how much we Filipinos trust the brand.In case you want another example from
You’re welcome
As we've said before, this game really is an unexpected delight. Each car is a careful blend of weight, handling, speed, and boost, and you get a finely balanced and expertly crafted universe where a rubbish truck and a supercar can
What do you think?
Get a load of this, Honda fanboys: a locally made scale-model replica of the beloved Civic SiR is set to go on sale here.This 1:24 scale model is manufactured by Manila-based company AvenWorks, and is built using UV
The two-part video series is worth the watch
Watching Tamiya builds is fun as it is, but seeing artists add custom touches to the standard kits is really something else.The YouTube channel JH-Hobby has a lot of these custom builds, and one in particular caught our eye: this "
It includes one timepiece and one diecast car enclosed in a bespoke metal case
After releasing the Hot Wheels IWC Racing Team Transport set last year, the watchmaker and the toymaker have once again teamed up to create a new limited-edition set to mark IWC Racing's return to the Goodwood Motor Circuit.This is
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