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Here's our review of the second-gen release
In the '70s, Toyota started a minor revolution in Asia by releasing the Kijang, otherwise known as the Tamaraw here in the Philippines. Little did the Japanese car company know that this back-to-basics van would inspire a host of
When the Toyota Avanza first arrived in 2006, here’s what we had to say about it
Desite all the hype, glamour, and pizzazz of the recently launched Camry and Previa minivan earlier this year, it's really the Avanza that will silently conquer the world for Toyota, here in the Philippines and the rest of ASEAN at least.
MPV or 'mini SUV?'
Ah, the 'mini SUV.' Is the label an actual segment? It's all the rage these days, with the three letters being attached to everything from MPVs to small crossovers. And it makes sense because you just can'
The MPV king
Last year, Toyota Motor Philippines sold 15,463 Avanzas from its many showrooms and dealerships. The figure isn't as impressive as the Fortuner's 39,680 units, but it's still worth noting when you consider that the Avanza outsold the
Without the performance-enhancing part
Remember that scrawny little kid you bullied into bulking up after high school? Well, this is him in car form.Meet the Toyota Avanza 'X.' It's the Japanese car manufacturer's humble seven-seat MPV on anabolic steroids-an aggressive new
Sportier but pricier
In October last year, Toyota Motor Philippines introduced the new Veloz variant of its popular Avanza MPV. It had the same 1.5-liter engine and transmission as the top-of-the-line G AT variant, except that the newcomer had some
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