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With a 50% down payment, of course
It isn't just the recent series of launches Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is getting busy with for its 35th-anniversary celebration. In true TMP fashion, the carmaker is still continuously rolling out promos month in and month out.For August, TMP
A sneaky debut
It wasn't just the Yaris Cross that was launched this week. Toyota Motor Philippines also brought in the updated version of the Corolla Altis alongside the new crossover. That said, you'll have to take a closer look at the car
More new Toyotas on the way
It's not just the Yaris Cross that's coming to the Philippines soon. According to a new round of Memorandum Circulars from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), it appears that Toyota is gearing up to launch the updated Corolla Altis.The
Rolling back the years
Believe it or not, the current generation of the Toyota Corolla Altis is already turning four years old. Yes, 2019 has been that long, and that makes Toyota's compact sedan due for a minor model change or a facelift.Late last
It won its class too
On regular days, the Nürburgring sees a wide range of vehicles do a lap or two. There's the 'usual' Porsche 911 and BMW M3, as well as some oddities such as pickups and base model economy cars. But during last
A world without the Corolla? Unimaginable.
Toyota has been a household name for decades, and one can say that it's the successful heritage models that helped build that empire. Without cars such as the Land Cruiser, Crown, Hilux, and Corolla, there's a chance that Toyota wouldn'
Looking for a starter car?
Buying a car can be an intimidating experience if you're a newbie motorist. Thankfully, brands are making it easy for customers to bite on a deal with easy payment options.Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), for example, is making plenty of its
Will we see an updated Altis by next year?
The twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla has been around for quite some time now. It made its global debut in 2018, making it ripe for a facelift. Well, it seems Toyota thinks so too, which is why Japan's largest automaker has given
Here’s why you should consider getting a hybrid car
Hybrid cars have been available on the local market for a long time. Despite this, there are a lot of questions that permeate any discussion when it comes to hybrids. From misconceptions to practical considerations, we have heard it all, and like
Gazoo Racing kits will be available for both gasoline and hybrid variants
Another 'Gazoo Racing' Toyota is entering the Philippine market. This time, it's the Corolla Altis that's being treated to aesthetics and suspension upgrades.A source has shared with us the official specs and prices of the Philippine-bound Toyota Corolla
*TCR regulations allow competition cars to have around 340hp and 410Nm
A stylish and feature-packed sedan that, quite recently, has also become incredibly fuel-efficient thanks to a new hybrid powertrain-that's what the Toyota Corolla is all about. Now, forget everything you just read for one second.We're not
Is your car affected?
Heads up, Toyota owners: The Japanese carmaker has issued a special service campaign for select models manufactured between 2013 to 2019 because of fuel pump issues.According to Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), it will replace the faulty fuel pumps completely free of
This, among many other deals and discounts, is available until October 31
If you're currently in the market for a brand-new car and you missed Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) September promo, then you'll be happy to know that along with some outright cash discounts, TMP is offering its 'Pay Low' and '
These are the same payment schemes that were rolled out in August
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has announced its newest 'Take on New Roads' promo for September, and it appears that the carmaker is isn't done its 'Pay Low' and 'Pay Light' payment schemes that it has continuously rolled out over the last
We wish the hatch was available here, too
Last year, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) made waves when it introduced the hybrid version of the Corolla Altis to the local market. The eco-friendly offering came in as the nameplate's top-of-the-line unit, with hopes of reinvigorating interest
Lease options for the Vios, Rush, Fortuner, and Corolla Altis will be available
In late 2019, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) revealed its plans to shift its focus from car ownership to 'car usership' this year. It looks like we'll be seeing these plans come to fruition soon as we have just received word from
Cash discounts, low monthly payment plans, and trade-in rebates are up for grabs
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now reopened several dealerships nationwide, and right off the bat, the carmaker is rolling out new sales promo.Those who wish to make outright cash purchases can save up to P125,000 on the Vios, up to
Is this something you’d buy if made available?
The Toyota Corolla Altis is undoubtedly a classy and stylish-looking car. But sporty? There's some room for debate there, especially when you put the compact sedan beside more aggressively styled competition like the Mazda 3 or the Honda Civic.So,
The battle of two hybrid compact sedans
There won't be any car launches here in our for now, so for the meantime, we'll have to settle for using newly-launched vehicles that haven't arrived in the Philippines for our comparos.We're starting with the hybrid
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