Oh, how we wish it was a global update
When it comes to sense and practicality, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a bit of a no-brainer in the subcompact crossover class. It's reasonably spacious, good on gas, has a large trunk, and predictably reliable. But one thing you
Hopefully, it gets updates
Car size has been the topic of many gearhead debates over the years-and it's one that should easily be settled with a simple check of the dimensions portion on a spec sheet. Of course, who's going to bother pulling
A world without the Corolla? Unimaginable.
Toyota has been a household name for decades, and one can say that it's the successful heritage models that helped build that empire. Without cars such as the Land Cruiser, Crown, Hilux, and Corolla, there's a chance that Toyota wouldn'
The hot hatch is expected to be launched in Thailand later this year
When Toyota pulled the wraps off the GR Corolla, we didn't really get our hopes up that it would make its way over to our market. There's one particular reason.The Japanese carmaker has already made it clear that the
Simple and sure
Making a ride sporty doesn't necessarily have to involve spending thousands upon thousands on aftermarket bits. Sometimes, a simple dash of extra color is enough.Take the newly-introduced Toyota Corolla Infrared Edition in the US market, for example. All that'
Will we see an updated Altis by next year?
The twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla has been around for quite some time now. It made its global debut in 2018, making it ripe for a facelift. Well, it seems Toyota thinks so too, which is why Japan's largest automaker has given
Toyota turns the Corolla wagon into a mini cargo hauler
This is the Corolla Commercial. It's essentually a car-based van but Toyota did the research and realised that vans that look like vans attract thieves when parked outside their drivers' houses overnight. So they left the glass in
That hatch is still something to behold
When it comes to the list of global releases we're hurt we didn't get locally, the western-spec Toyota Corolla is easily one of the top entries. Not only did markets like the US get a hatch version, but the
It’s “lighter, torquier, and grippier” than the standard version
The last time we heard of a CEO being directly involved in car development, it didn't end well. Here we have another example of the big boss getting hands-on, although this time we're unlikely to witness another executive scalping...
Thank God
No more teasers, no more trailers, and no more Easter eggs-Toyota has finally unveiled the 2022 GR Corolla hot hatch in its entirety. Thank God, too. Who else was getting tired of all the buildup?By the looks of it, though,
At least that’s what all of us think
Toyota has been teasing its new hot hatch-the GR Corolla-over the past few months, albeit the carmaker has been doing it in a rather interesting manner. Just check the last teaser, and you'll see what we mean.Anyway, it
We’ve come up with a short list to mark TMP’s recent sales milestone
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently reached a massive milestone: more than two million units sold in our market. Two million vehicles. That's a lot of cars sold in just three and a half decades.To mark the occasion, we've decided
A matter of when, not if
Late last month, Toyota dropped a pretty inconspicuous image of a car interior on Instagram. For the vanilla follower, it was just another run-of-the-mill scheduled social-media post. But eagle-eyed fans of the brand were able to determine
Any sharp-eyed readers here?
Yes, this is a photo of a Toyota's interior-a Corolla hatchback for the US market, if we're being precise. It was shared by the Japanese carmaker on Instagram, and at first glance, it seem like nothing more than just
Still dreaming of the day this makes it to our market
The Toyota Corolla as a police car isn't exactly an entirely new proposition around these parts. We've seen quite a few of them around here, albeit in the form of older-generation Altis units. It's a perfectly serviceable choice,
Do you prefer this design or not?
More than a year after its global launch, the Corolla Cross is finally making its way to Toyota's home market of Japan. The compact SUV, however, debuts in the Land of the Rising Sun looking slightly different.The press release calls
Meet the Toyota Corolla Commercial
A few weeks ago, we said the Toyota Yaris Ecovan "may be the most sensible object ever built." Well, good thing we kept it at 'may,' because Toyota has now blanked out the windows of something even more practical.This is the
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