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After seeing the all-new Toyota Fortuner up close, it's so promising we already wondered how to raise money for a down payment. The design and the refinement are so good it seems to have skipped a generation--although given how
Is it the fairest of them all?
Another contender for the tightly contested SUV wars has been unveiled. After months of anticipation, the motoring media was at last able to meet the all-new Toyota Fortuner in the metal at yesterday's launch. We have to say--even after
Whetting our appetite even more
One of the Toyota Fortuner's main strengths has always been its interior. When we first sat in one a decade ago, we were surprised at how refined and car-like the cabin was. We almost wondered why Toyota didn't include
6 pictures posted online
It's official: The all-new Toyota Fortuner is the latest Internet sensation. When we posted the first-ever clear photos of the midsize SUV last Friday night, our website traffic nearly threatened to shut down our servers. We've never seen
Photos of Toyota's SUV in actual metal
For the past few months, people have been speculating as to how the all-new Toyota Fortuner will look like. Computer-generated renditions, speculative illustrations, spy shots, camouflaged images--name it...we've seen them all. All except the real thing in
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