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Is that EDSA in the background?
In late 2017, we reported that the refreshed Toyota Hilux was launched in neighboring Thailand. At the time, there was no indication when it would land here in our country, if at all. But now photos have surfaced suggesting the updated pickup
Guys love accessories too, you know
Is driving around in a small, underpowered economy car messing with your psyche? Don't worry, we know the feeling. In fact, the thought was underscored when a shiny Toyota Racing Development (TRD)-equipped Hilux rolled into our garage early last
These photos are beyond cool
We've been talking about Toyota pickups this week, thanks to the Japanese carmaker's modern interpretation of Marty McFly's truck from the '80s in celebration of Back To The Future Day on October 21st. In our market, of course, we
In its full, uncloaked glory
With almost every modern gadget having some sort of a camera right now, it's becoming increasingly difficult to hide anything from anyone--particularly if that something is a much-desired product like the all-new Toyota Hilux, whose launch is still
Could this be the real thing?
Earlier today, these photos were posted on a Facebook page called "All New Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand." These are supposedly stolen shots of the new-generation (and tightly guarded) Toyota Hilux. We couldn't make out much from the comments on the
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