The Fortuner will get as big as a P39k increase, while the Vios gets a P10k bump
Were you looking to buy a brand-new Toyota this year? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will be implementing a general price increase effective June 1, 2022.According to a trusted
You still have options
Gone are the days when pickup trucks were considered purebreds built for the sole purpose of carrying cargo. These days, thanks to their smorgasbord of tech extras and interiors built to please, you may as well consider them lifestyle vehicles.That said,
Congratulations, Gazoo Racing
Well, that's one way to kick off the new year. Toyota's 2022 motorsports campaign is off to a great start after Gazoo Racing-the Japanese carmaker's performance wing-won this year's Dakar Rally overall by an impressive 27
This or our version?
The Toyota Hilux-that of indestructible, almost reservoir-conquering, Pole-reaching fame on planet TG-is gunning for its second victory at the Dakar Rally this week. And to mark the occasion, the Japanese firm has revealed a new top-of-the-
Did these influence your car-buying decision this year?
Toward the end of 2020, activity around the local automotive industry started picking up, and we saw a good number of new and refreshed nameplates arrive in our market. This trend continued throughout 2021, so there was no scarcity of new offerings
Toyota has given the company a custom scale-model Hilux replica to say thanks
If you want an example of 'brand loyalty,' just take a look at Philippine automotive sales charts. Toyota leading the way year in and year out shows just how much we Filipinos trust the brand.In case you want another example from
It’s dubbed the Toyota GR DKR Hilux T1+
Toyota's Dakar challenger-which we first saw just a few months back-is finally out in the open and has been confirmed for the 2022 rally.The carmaker has given us our first real look at the GR DKR Hilux T1+,
Would you pick this over the Hilux Conquest?
It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) was planning to launch the Fortuner GR-S alongside the Hilux GR-S, after all. Since we've already discussed the midsize SUV, it's now time to take a look at the new truck.
Stoked for the upcoming launch?
We finally have confirmation that Toyota's Hilux and Fortuner GR-S models are on their way to the Philippines. Sort of.Units of these two have actually landed on our shores already, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) was happy enough to
Here are the complete specs
There are a lot of rumors flying around saying Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will be launching GR Sport models in our market soon. But now, a source has given us more than just confirmation-we finally have the specs and prices, too.
Especially in white
The way the GR badge has been thrown around the past several months has been...mixed. There have been some pretty neat rides to come out of those two letters, including the GR version of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser and
This might be the perfect ride for fur parents
Road trips with dogs are always fun, but they aren't always easy. Japanese company Flex has gone the extra mile to address just that by putting together a set of accessories and modifications that turns the Toyota Hiace into the ultimate '
Aesthetically, at least
With all the aftermarket add-ons and packages available to truck owners these days, you really need to do a lot if you really want to stand out. If you're having trouble finding inspiration for how to take your Toyota Hilux
Everything else except the base variant also gets significant price increases
It appears it's not just the Toyota Fortuner that's getting price bumps and updates this month. Upon checking Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) website, we noticed that TMP adjusted the prices of not only the Fortuner but also the Hilux as
Hot damn
The annual Dakar Rally doesn't just play host to the industry's most extreme off-roaders-it's also a showcase of some of the planet's most rugged-looking rides. If it were a contest of looks instead of outright
It’s got elements from the Tacoma, too
We've been bombarded with Gazoo Racing- and Modellista-kitted Toyotas over the past few months. Frankly, it's getting a bit tiring, but yet here we are again sharing renders of another reimagined Toyota. Don't worry, though, it's got
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