The MPV gets an athletic makeover
The Toyota Innova has been a bestseller in its class ever since it hit the market way back in 2005. What it lacked in style and flair, it more than made up for in practicality, power, and Toyota's vaunted reliability. Not
Still the MPV to beat
The most simple and difficult question we are asked as motoring journalists is: What's a good car? A reply to this query can take an hour, as we discuss the possibilities, the options, the needs and the taste of the buyer.
Check out the tasteful interior
After months of waiting and guessing, the third and final member of Toyota's Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV) triumvirate has finally arrived. Yes, the 2016 Toyota Innova has finally broken cover in Indonesia.If you saw our story a few days
And we like what we see
Back in 2004, Japanese carmaker Toyota introduced a brilliant way of designing and manufacturing its commercial vehicles (read: SUV, pickup and MPV), employing a single platform called IMV (Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle), upon which three different models would be based. Those three
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