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Over in Australia, at least
Excited for the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser? We understand. The LC300 is, after all, shiny and new, and is available in Gazoo Racing guise. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the next-generation vehicle now finds itself under the
Any Prado fans here?
So, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is set to be unveiled-pretty big news considering we've been waiting forever for this news. It's not the only news regarding Land Cruiser name, though.Over in Japan, the carmaker is celebrating
The updated SUV is priced at P4.17 million
The Hiace Commuter isn't the only model that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) quietly updated in its lineup-the Land Cruiser Prado has seen some changes as well. And unlike the van just mentioned, the popular premium SUV gets a pretty substantial
Is your car affected?
Heads up, Toyota owners: The Japanese carmaker has issued a special service campaign for select models manufactured between 2013 to 2019 because of fuel pump issues.According to Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), it will replace the faulty fuel pumps completely free of
It’ll make you think twice about getting a Nissan Patrol
There's one advantage that the Toyota Land Cruiser has against its rival, the Nissan Patrol: a diesel engine option. While the Patrol only comes as a gas-guzzling premium SUV, the Land Cruiser can be had with either a petrol or
You can't go wrong with this SUV
Toyota has announced that sales of the Land Cruiser, in all of its various guises, have now topped the 10 million mark. Woah. We think a number like that should be celebrated. And so, with little respect for chronology, we've put
For the love of the Japanese brand
The Top Gear PH Facebook page is really a treasure trove. Not just for information, questions, or reactions, but also for genuine people who, like us, treat cars like part of the family. Hell, some of us grew up and grew old
Over 250,000 units sold
To say that Australians are in love with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a gross understatement. Need proof? The SUV has surpassed the 250,000 (250,857) cumulative sales mark in time for its 20th birthday in the land down under.
New engine is also next-gen Hilux's
When it comes to the Toyota hierarchy of SUVs, you could say that the Land Cruiser Prado sits right smack in the middle of the pack. In our market, for instance, it is positioned between the high-end Land Cruiser 200 series
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Hi, Mr. Botchi Santos! Please rate the following SUVs\' performance, equipment, fuel consumption and value for money:* Kia Mohave EX CRDi* Hyundai Veracruz GLS* Toyota Prado 3.0 (AT)* Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 Di-DThanks,JB Vargas Hi, JB. It\'s hard
More powerful and luxurious options<br />
Hi, Botchi!I have read most of your articles in Top Gear's website and none of it is about diesel-fed luxury sport-utility vehicles. I'd like to get your opinion on these SUVs:Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2
Free service offered to clients<br />
Toyota Motor Philippines is offering a special service campaign to upgrade the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) program in the Land Cruiser Prado while assuring the public no other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved in the recall. The service campaign will allow
We'll probably see more of this SUV as the election draws near<br />
Toyota Motor Philippines has launched the all new Land Cruiser Prado packed with more power under the hood and more luxurious features inside the cabin. The new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is equipped with a new 1KD-FTV engine that promises a
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