Demand continues to remain high
What's in a car's name? Well, if we're talking 'Land Cruiser,' customers are likely in for a pretty long wait.By now you've probably heard the crazy levels of demand Toyota currently has to deal with when it
Wants like this are why credit card limits exist
Now, we know we said we were going to take a break from clicking on every classic Toyota Land Cruiser listing we come across online-but who are we kidding? Besides, it's not like we've bought one out of compulsion
We’ve come up with a short list to mark TMP’s recent sales milestone
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently reached a massive milestone: more than two million units sold in our market. Two million vehicles. That's a lot of cars sold in just three and a half decades.To mark the occasion, we've decided
In case you’re planning to buy one
Toyota Motor Philippines is reassuring potential Land Cruiser LC300 buyers that no, paying extra isn't required if you want to secure a unit.On its official Facebook page, the Japanese carmaker released a statement thanking LC300 customers for their patience amid
You could see this coming from a mile away
If you're planning to buy a Lexus LX soon, we certainly hope you don't reside in Japan.This is because the luxury car manufacturer has announced that the wait time for brand-new units of the full-size SUV is
Now powered by America
From afar, this modified off-roader simply looks like an old-school Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that's been given a new lease on life. Pop the hood open, though, and you'll be surprised at what will greet you.Are you
No supply? No problem
It was pretty much always a given that the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 was going to sell well. What we weren't counting on? That a pandemic was going to throw a wrench in the Japanese carmaker's supply chain.
No wonder deliveries are taking forever
Last week, Toyota officially confirmed a four-year estimated delivery time for brand-new Land Cruiser units in Japan. Sure, the situation could improve and that wait could be cut short-but not if this kind of situation keeps up.The Japanese
That’s a pretty long wait
What's worse? Not being able to reserve a unit of your target car, or having to wait four years to take delivery of it?Motorists who plan on ordering a brand-new Land Cruiser LC300 in Japan are being advised by
Congratulations, Gazoo Racing
Well, that's one way to kick off the new year. Toyota's 2022 motorsports campaign is off to a great start after Gazoo Racing-the Japanese carmaker's performance wing-won this year's Dakar Rally overall by an impressive 27
Is this on anyone’s radar?
Watches inspired by cars are about a dime a dozen. We're happy to report, though, that this one isn't a niche timepiece built to commemorate a one-off or an unattainable model from an ultra-lux brand. What you see
Are you digging it?
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser, even in its stock form, is already one of the toughest-looking vehicles in its segment. That said, making the SUV look even burlier without making it borderline absurd is a tall order.Thankfully, it looks like
The SUV is as solid as it looks
Toyota has a pretty solid reputation when it comes to crash tests on our side of the globe. The latest offering from the Japanese brand to impress in terms of safety? None other than the all-new Land Cruiser LC300.The vehicle'
Any owners here looking for inspiration?
You don't need to do much to a vehicle like the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser to intimidate fellow SUVs out on the road. For one thing, the LC300 already towers over other cars. And then there's its tough exterior
Did you buy any of these new arrivals?
The past year was a noticeable step up from 2020 in terms of car launches. Yes, a huge part of that was because COVID-19 lockdowns didn't hurt the auto industry as much as in the year prior-but also, many
There’s still life in this generation yet
The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is an impressive piece of SUV. It's also currently difficult to come by, with sales in some markets reportedly stalled because of years-long waiting lists.If you're a hopeful LC300 owner who
This is arguably one of the heaviest comparos of the year
This year has been pretty big for the local automotive industry, and we've seen some important launches throughout 2021. One of the most recent ones being the new Nissan Patrol.Despite the delayed arrival, this is literally Nissan Philippines' (NPI) biggest
Be honest: You can’t get enough of this SUV either
In case you missed it, used Toyota Land Cruisers are currently a hot item among car collectors. The value of old-school units like the FJ60 and FJ62 has shot up considerably over the past few years, so much so that jumping
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