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Excited for next year?
The third and final race of Toyota Vios Cup Season 5 was held last Saturday, September 22 at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. The event was graced with great sunny weather which was a pleasant surprise, as many of the drivers
MPV or 'mini SUV?'
Ah, the 'mini SUV.' Is the label an actual segment? It's all the rage these days, with the three letters being attached to everything from MPVs to small crossovers. And it makes sense because you just can'
Damn, we feel old
Damn, the Toyota Yaris has been around for two decades already? We feel old now.The popular hatchback first came out back in 1998, and since then has become one of the Japanese carmaker's most prominent models in several markets (
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As of 2018, Toyota has been in the Philippines for 30 years, and the Japanese carmaker is coming up with all sorts of ways to celebrate the milestone-like flying in Akio Toyoda for the anniversary celebration last month and donating 30
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In case you missed it, Toyota marked 30 years in the Philippines this 2018. It was a pretty big deal, and the Japanese carmaker's big boss, Akio Toyoda, even flew in just to partake in the anniversary celebration held just last
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