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The all-new Toyota Vios will probably be another bestseller for the Japanese carmaker. That much is almost certain. The model's market track record speaks for itself, after all.And yet, the response to Toyota's new subcompact sedan was mixed
Executives, ready your wallets
So you guys already know that the all-new Toyota Camry, which was revealed to the world all the way back in January 2017, is finally making its way to the Philippines before the year ends. The good news is, Toyota Motor
The pros and cons
The new Toyota Vios has drawn mixed reactions from readers, with many praising the new safety equipment and others lamenting the toned-down styling and higher price tag. But are those seven airbags the Vios' only improvement? So even though the Vios
Toyota PH makes it official
A big part of our job as motoring journalists involves predicting when refreshed and all-new models will arrive here in the Philippines. A lot of times, it takes a bit of investigation, not to mention trying to pry info from our
The result of a deal made earlier this year.
A few months ago, Singapore-based ride-hailing company Grab announced that it had entered into a partnership with Toyota-and it was literally a big deal. The Japanese carmaker agreed to invest $1 billion in the company. You can read all
Don't miss the action
Another season of the Toyota Vios Cup is coming to a close. On September 22, 2018, various racers and celebrities will take to the grid in the country's most popular subcompact sedan.The annual event from Toyota Motor Philippines has
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