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By combining professional driver instincts with automated driving technologies
Nice choice of number
The GOAT is donning number 23 once more. Well, on the track and not on a basketball court. Oh, and it won't actually be Michael Jordan, it will a Toyota Camry Bubba Wallace will be driving in the Daytona 500 for
Still one of the prettiest cars around
When the Lexus LC broke cover back in 2017, it immediately struck as one of the most attractive cars on account of its, well...just look at the damn thing. Over three years on since its Detroit Auto Show debut, its appeal
With added wings ’n’ things
Just as it promised last week, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has had its way with the brand-new Supra.Unveiled with surprisingly little fanfare at Japan's 'Osaka Auto Messe,' the Performance Line Concept gives us an idea what kind of parts
It’s been launched at the Chicago Auto Show
We've already told you that the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4, which made its Philippine debut this week, won't be offered locally with a four-wheel drivetrain. That has sparked a discussion on our Facebook page as to whether or not
We do know for sure the rear wing will be just as massive
New month, new Supra. You may or may not recall that Toyota recently released the fifth generation of its two-door sports car to the world. We know, it kind of flew under the radar.In any case, Toyota Racing Development-or
This is the trim we want
In a time filled with turbocharged engines, torquey electric motors, and complex all-wheel drive systems, a basic naturally aspirated rear-wheel-drive sports car offers a different kind of fun.We've been big fans of the Toyota 86 since it
Aftermarket nuts will love this
Just when you thought Toyota was done hyping-up the C-HR, the company goes and drops this. The carmaker's official Japan website released new videos of its sleek new crossover, this time clad in Toyota Racing Development (TRD) aftermarket accessories.
Guys love accessories too, you know
Is driving around in a small, underpowered economy car messing with your psyche? Don't worry, we know the feeling. In fact, the thought was underscored when a shiny Toyota Racing Development (TRD)-equipped Hilux rolled into our garage early last
And other special and concept models
Last month, we reported the sad news that Scion, Toyota's youth-oriented brand in the US market, would cease operations come August this year. After 14 years, the nameplate that brought out the fun and dynamic side of the world's
Launched in Thailand
While aspiring owners are still thinking of how to dress up their future Toyota Fortuners, a TRD kit has surfaced and shown us how it should be done. Unveiled by Toyota Thailand, the Fortuner TRD Sportivo edition is a tantalizing variant that
Watch this video
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. For Toyota lovers the world over, the only way to tune and dress up their ride is to go the TRD route. Those three
With products available in 43 dealerships
The spirit of fun driving is now closer to every Filipino. Thanks to the collaboration of Toyota Technocraft Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Philippines, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) products will now be exclusively distributed in all 43 dealerships of the Japanese carmaker
We talk with company executive to find out
As we reported earlier, Toyota Motor Philippines officially launched the Vios Cup one-make race today by revealing the celebrities and the motoring journalists who will participate in the exhibition race before the actual race series itself in 2014.So, how important
The Vios gets a TRD body kit. We find out if the pieces are all worth it
Much like how the AE90 and AE100 Corollas became ubiquitous around the metro in the 1990s, the Vios subcompact sedan has become a favorite of those who are looking to get their very first car.But with the Vios being a favorite
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