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Which small Toyota SUV offers better value for money?
Toyota has arguably one of the largest selections of SUVs and crossovers in the market today. Recently, the carmaker launched its subcompact Yaris Cross SUV which slots between the baby Raize and the larger Corolla Cross.Our focus for today's cross-
A certification authority will still have to verify
Toyota's affiliate, Daihatsu has had it rough the past few months. The rigged test results from the all-new Vios and Wigo cast a dark cloud over the DNGA-based (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) vehicles. If that wasn't enough, the
The DNGA platform is giving Toyota headaches
A few weeks ago, Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu reported that some cars received modifications in an effort to boost crash test safety ratings. It came to light after a whistleblower from the company reported the practice. The affected models all rode on the
Own one of these?
Vehicle safety has come a long way. It wasn't that long ago when cars didn't have airbags (SRS), anti-lock brakes (ABS), or even rear seatbelts. These days, features such ABS and SRS are standard in just about every car
The Innova, meanwhile, can be yours for as little as P12,860 monthly
Anyone here looking to buy a brand-new vehicle anytime soon? If you are, check out what Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has to offer this month.TMP is rolling out its 'Start the fun!' promo for March, and it includes various Pay
What could this be?
The Toyota Raize's biggest draw is its size. SUV-ish styling combined with a city-friendly form factor and decent ride height? Consumers treated the package like a match made in heaven. But what if the Raize grew slightly bigger?We
We compare it with the Toyota Raize
The Suzuki Fronx is one of the new models unveiled recently by the Japanese carmaker at the Auto Expo 2023 in India. While there's still no official word if the new subcompact crossover will be launched locally, it could potentially be
Reports say we can expect it as early as March 2023
The Wigo has been one of Toyota's top sellers for nearly a decade. It's not only a bestseller here, but also in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia (as a Perodua product). However, one can't deny the current platform'
Raize, is that you?
Toyota's partnership with Subaru extends to more than just the GR86, you know. The Rex, for example, is a Subie that's essentially a carbon copy of the Toyota Raize subcompact SUV.Wait, why are we even announcing it? Chances are
Honda has also previewed what could be its Toyota Raize-fighting crossover
Think this has a shot?
When it comes to small SUVs, it's arguable that the Toyota Raize is currently the local market's belle of the ball. This could change, though, if the mystery crossover Honda is currently parading around in Indonesia turns out to be
The Veloz, Innova, and Vios will all be seeing price increases as well
It's not just the Hilux that's getting a significant price bump in Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) lineup. If you're in the market for a new Toyota, take note of these upcoming price changes.According to a source, the full
It was just previewed at the 2022 Indonesia International Auto Show
A few months ago, we floated the idea of the Toyota Raize Hybrid-Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrid-making its way to our market. It really seemed like a long shot then, seeing as the vehicle was only available in Japan where
If Toyota were to build this, it should fit a bigger engine under that hood
Converting a full-size SUV into a pickup-like what these guys did with the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300-is understandable. While it's not exactly common, a large SUV has the engine and the chassis to work as a truck. Turning
This or the Casper?
It's not exactly rocket science why the Toyota Raize is such a hit among local car buyers. Decent ground clearance, city-friendly dimensions, and an affordable price tag? That's about as surefire a formula as mass-market cars come around
Or are you better off going with the nat-asp 1.2-liter engine instead?
A mix of style, decent size, and good fuel economy makes for a pretty great city car. That's exactly what the Toyota Raize has, which is why it's been turning heads since Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched it here.But
Our wallets are hurting
Frankly, with the way gas and diesel prices have been on the fritz, there's never been a better time to consider shifting to a hybrid vehicle. There's just one issue: There aren't very many of them around.Toyota Motor
Time to see what this popular little thing can do
While Chinese-built budget crossovers are selling like halo-halo on a hot day, Toyota-which pioneered the crossover concept-doesn't have a budget crossover of its own. Thankfully, corporate partner Daihatsu just happens to have a cheap crossover Toyota can
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