As stylish as ever
The all-new Toyota RAV4 has just debuted at this year's New York International Auto Show. It seems just like yesterday (well, more like 2012) when the fourth-gen one debuted. And while it might take some time before this fifth-
Spoiler: It's not much
It's been a while since there's been anything remotely exciting about Toyota's compact crossover offering, the RAV4. It came out, underwent a refresh in 2015, and then nothing...until now.That hastily PhotoShopped silhouette draped in shadows you see
Old but gold?
I'm going to be honest here: It's been a long time since the Toyota RAV4 has been anywhere near relevant in the local crossover market. Sure, Toyota Motor Philippines managed to sell just a smidgen over 1,000 units in
Which nip and tuck is the best one?
Facelifts. They're meant to inject new life, or at the very least new interest, into vehicles a couple of years or so into their lifespan.There are a number of reasons cars undergo makeovers. Some models undergo facelifts as an answer
It's pricey for a reason
It's quite pricey. At the cash register, the top-of-the-line Toyota RAV4 rings in a cool P2.066 million. But although it costs almost twice as much as a regular compact sedan, it's easy to see why folks
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Toyota Europe (@toyota_europe)#Santa can't waste time bumping into things! Will the Panoramic View Monitor win him over?#RAV4Hybrid South Africa (@MINISouthAfrica)Four times Dakar Rally winner. Let's make it five in 2016. #WHATEVERITTAKES #DAKAR2016 pic.
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