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Adding some spice to the subcompact seven-seater
With a 50% down payment, of course
It isn't just the recent series of launches Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is getting busy with for its 35th-anniversary celebration. In true TMP fashion, the carmaker is still continuously rolling out promos month in and month out.For August, TMP
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
You've already seen part one of our latest Big Test featuring four of the market's top seven-seaters: the Honda BR-V, the Hyundai Stargazer, the Toyota Veloz, and the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. We know you've been dying to
It’ll look more basic and will have fewer tech than the existing V and G trims
It looks like it isn't just the Yaris Cross-and maybe the all-new Alphard as well-that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is set to release in the coming weeks. According to a source, the carmaker is set to release a
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
Crossovers may be growing even more and more popular these days, but the good, old seven-seater MPVs still continue to dominate the market. No surprise there, because it is hard to outsell a people-hauler if you're a smaller SUV
Will it be a mild or full hybrid?
Is there yet another hybrid Toyota model on the way? If reports from Indonesia are to be believed, that might just be the case. Not only that, it's one of Toyota's popular models in Southeast Asia that could get electrified.
With the Toyota Veloz also thrown in for good measure
After a year of rumors, speculations, and teasers, the all-new Ford Territory has finally landed on our shores. As a refresher, it's basically a rebadged Ford Equator Sport, the compact five-seater version of the midsize seven-seater Equator SUV.
Will this be the Raize Space?
Toyota's small MPV range has seen a dramatic change in the past couple of years. Both the Avanza and Veloz have ditched body-on-frame construction and rear-wheel drive in favor of unibody and front-wheel drive platforms. In some
We believe the latest generation of Honda’s seven-seater is landing soon
Last year, the all-new Honda BR-V made its global debut in Indonesia, and recently, the small seven-seater was also launched in Thailand. We think this could be a sign that the latest iteration of the BR-V could be
Offers for the Wigo, Rush, and Innova are available, too
The Toyota Raize may be relatively new to the local market, but Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is already throwing the model in the car brand's summer promo for 2022.For the month of May, the Japanese car manufacturer is making the
The former was recently launched in Cambodia as an all-new Territory model
In late April, Ford Cambodia and its dealers started posting teasers for an all-new 2023 Ford Territory, a rebadged version of the Equator Sport. As a refresher, the Equator Sport is a compact five-seater version of the mid-size seven-
Check out our first impressions here
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just launched the new Veloz, marking the entry of yet another people-hauler in this seven-seater-crazy market of ours.The Veloz, as some of you may know, was once the top-of-the-line variant
Choose your stylish seven-seater family hauler
It looks like the three-row MPV segment is heating up. Mitsubishi recently unveiled the refreshed version of its popular Xpander, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the all-new version of its Avanza. This time, Toyota has introduced the all-new
Another new Toyota has landed
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has been consistent with its launches this year. The carmaker has introduced at least one new model in each of the first four months of 2022. Now, it keeps the trend going having added yet another new model
Is this new offering on your ballot?
It's April 2022 as I write this, which means election season in the country is at fever pitch. With just days to go until we elect our next set of leaders, campaign promises border on ludicrous as candidates attempt anything and
You’ve got the extra tech and added safety in arguably a more stylish package
When Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the all-new Avanza, we reckon those of you looking for an affordable seven-seater Toyota easily pulled the trigger. What other option do you have, anyway? The Rush? Come on, let's be real here.
This Avanza sibling is now being labeled as a subcompact SUV
A few days ago, we were still speculating about the Veloz's arrival here in our market. Now, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just confirmed the upcoming launch.TMP announced via email that the new Veloz will be launched on April 29.
Top-spec variants get Toyota Safety Sense features
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently released a teaser of what appeared to be the new Veloz. The carmaker has yet to confirm anything, but we now have more reasons to believe that the new subcompact MPV is on its way to our
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