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We just don’t think it’s the kind of treatment many of you are fond of
Think you've seen all that Toyota has to offer with its Gazoo Racing Sport models? Get this: The Japanese carmaker has just given the Yaris the same aesthetic treatment. Yes, the Yaris-the five-door that Toyota has successfully turned into
This hot hatch wants commitment
What is love? At its most superficial, love is attraction, a powerful force that draws you in. It's looking at an object for the first time and seeing the toys you played with as a kid, the rally cars you idolized
Meet the Toyota Yaris Electric Hybrid Ecovan from Spain
Toyota making cargo versions of its vehicles is nothing new. In these parts, we've already seen workhorse versions of the Hilux and the Hiace. Heck, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) even built a bare-bones two-seat Avanza once.But if you
Could a Philippine launch be in the pipeline?
It's been almost a year since Toyota first unveiled the new Yaris Cross. Now, the Yaris-based crossover is finally making its way to the ASEAN market-specifically in Singapore.Toyota has yet to announce any details yet as of this
So... is the GR Yaris up next?
Well, what do you know-it looks like our speculations were right yet again. Sort of. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now officially launched the refreshed Yaris, the one we previously said might be arriving in 2021.We may have missed a
The rainbow flag on the roof serves as “a symbol of all-inclusive peace”
It's fair to say our 'things to admire in 2020' list is looking pretty short right now. But two of them are combined here. It's a Toyota GR Yaris-one of this year's best cars, and therefore one of
In case these rumors hold true, we’re hoping the GR Yaris arrives here, too
Did you like the refreshed Toyota Yaris that was launched in Thailand back in August? Well, we've got some spicy news for you. According to a source, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) might be preparing to launch this new-look hatchback here
The hot hatch just got even hotter
It appears Kei Miura isn't the only one who's been busy tinkering with the all-new Toyota GR Yaris. Japanese pro drifter Daigo Saito has also done his work on the hot hatch, and he's actually given it a
The finished product looks badass
It was only a matter of time until Kei Miura and the guys at TRA Kyoto got their hands on the all-new Toyota GR Yaris. They've now done their magic on the new hot hatch, and boy, does it look
Could this hot hatch be coming our way?
Aggressive styling, a lightweight 4WD drivetrain, 0-100kph in 5.5secs, and a turbocharged 1.6-liter mill that generates 257hp and 360Nm of torque. The Toyota GR Yaris is, in every sense of the word, a hot hatch. Don't take
Do you think Toyota Motor Philippines should bring this in, too?
Toyota officially unveiled the new Yaris Cross back in April. Now, the latest addition to the Japanese carmaker's growing list of crossovers is officially available across Japan.But in case you missed it, we'll give you a rundown of what
Could the PH be next to get it?
Toyota's subcompact hatchback just got an update in Thailand. Yes, we're talking about the Yaris, which gets an updated exterior look and a handful of additional tech for 2020.Outside, the Yaris and the Yaris Ativ sedan flaunt a more
It costs less than P600
Are you waiting on the all-new Toyota Yaris to arrive around these parts before making your next purchase decision? If your answer is yes, keep holding your breath because there's still hasn't been any real indication when (or even
Body from a road-going rally car. Engine from...your grandma’s Yaris. Wait, what?
Well, you didn't expect Toyota and Gazoo Racing to go to the big trouble and huge expensive of engineering a brand-new, three-door, wideboi body shell for the GR Yaris, and then only use it for one model, did you?
One can dream, right?
Imagine being in line at a fast-food counter and seeing the person ahead of you served the biggest, juiciest burger available, complete with slices of bacon and a drizzle of button mushrooms and cheese sauce. Excited, you walk up to the
A cute city mover
Brave? Foolhardy? Gosh, Toyota is ignoring the times we live in and launching a new car. Oh hang on, it's not. It doesn't actually go on sale for another year.This mini-me of the RAV-4 will be Toyota'
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