Vico Sotto is making it clear that he won't stand for impunity among Pasig City's traffic enforcers.The mayor recently took to social media to vent his frustration after several of his city's traffic enforcers were reportedly caught driving
We asked the MMDA ourselves to find out
It's Monday morning and you're driving to work, then you suddenly find yourself stuck at an intersection just a few kilometers away from the office. You look around to see what's going on, only to see the traffic light
To ensure a smoother flow of traffic
This Monday, June 3, 2019, marks the reopening of many schools across the country. To ensure that traffic flows smoothly, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will deploy 2,500 enforcers on June 3 and the succeeding days. "We shall field traffic
“Dapat mag-focus sila sa daloy ng trapiko”
Pasig City mayor-elect Vico Sotto recently stirred up social media when he announced his plans to remove the city's 'unfair and ineffective' odd-even coding scheme on his first day of office-to the delight of many netizens. In a
“We are hopeful the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Filipino riding public”
An official of ride-hailing motorcycle taxi company Angkas has called on its 20,000 riders to continue plying the streets of Metro Manila to ease the burden of the commuting public during the holiday rush.George Royeca, head of the regulatory
Be sure to report them, too
The Philippine Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has issued an advisory regarding crooks posing as traffic enforcers.In a statement released by the agency earlier today, it warned motorists to stay alert for criminals who disguise themselves as traffic enforcers
Think twice about doing it
We've all considered putting the pedal to the floor at one time or another, especially when the asphalt underneath is nice and smooth, and the road up ahead is clear. Our expressways are in very good condition as well, so the
It's all about cooperation
Motorists who frequent Ortigas will be glad to hear that school officials and parents from Saint Pedro Poveda College are now supporting the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in its bid to reduce traffic in the area.According to the MMDA, the
To prevent illegal transactions
We've all seen how crazy things can get out on Manila's streets, mostly from the eyes of motorists quick to bust out their phones in the event of a traffic altercation. But could seeing a road incident transpire from an
MMDA is in charge of EDSA again
Motorists might have noticed the absence of the PNP's 300-strong Highway Patrol Group (HPG) along EDSA. This is because last Monday, November 14, the so-called 'Spartan 300' were transferred. They will now be visible along C-5 Road, Commonwealth
For transparency's sake
Corrupt traffic officers are a fact of motoring life in the Philippines, but so are disrespectful motorists. And when a traffic officer and a motorist argue, the encounter often leads to one party filing a formal complaint, and the other declaring innocence.
The younger they start, the better
There's a common preconceived notion that young drivers tend to be careless or even reckless behind the wheel. Some attribute this to their lack of experience and, in some cases, common sense. Now, whether it's a learning curve or just
Did we miss anything?
I grew up watching the Back To The Future trilogy. The part that struck me the most was when the mad scientist Dr. Emmett Brown was trying to get Marty McFly to understand the gravity of his actions, and to get the
It's about time, don't you think?
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority on Monday (April 13) opened the Institute of Traffic Management. According to MMDA chief Francis Tolentino, the academy "shall be the premier educational institution for training and continuing the education of all traffic management personnel, traffic law
They will open up your mind
So there's this cool Facebook page called Humans of New York, made by a guy who identifies himself as simply Brandon. According to him, he "set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot their photos on a map. Somewhere
Because 1,400 officers aren\'t enough
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority currently has approximately 1,400 traffic enforcers on its payroll. That figure, however, apparently isn\'t enough for the agency to cover the roughly 1,100km of the national roads in the metro, which is why the
Could it also be pork barrel-related?
The torrential downpour and the floods it caused were once again to blame for the horrendous traffic that afflicted Metro Manila last Tuesday. And as you may have noticed then, traffic enforcers were nowhere in sight just when the public needed them
About a misleading sign on EDSA
Last Thursday, January 17, a post on Facebook spread through the social network. According to the post, a traffic sign placed just before going up the Boni Serrano flyover in the northbound lane of EDSA going to Cubao, was misleading. Apparently, the
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