Did you get caught up in the middle of all this?
Even with the coronavirus pandemic preventing tourists from flocking to the Summer Capital of the Philippines this holiday season, it appears that Baguio City locals still have some heavy traffic to deal with these days.The local government unit recently hosted a
It actually worked
Tired of unruly motorists rampaging through your neighborhood just to cut past heavy traffic? Here's a solution: create fake traffic jams to keep people away. Well, that's what artist Simon Weckert did, and he actually managed to 'hack' the system.
Let us guess: because they can
I am a Baguio resident. The traffic problem there has been getting worse of late, especially during long weekends, but we manage to get by. The one-way traffic scheme, which was implemented so many years ago, actually helps a lot in
From two respected urban planners
Traffic. It's the one problem that affects every single Metro Manila resident right now. Thing is, nobody seems to have any idea on how to solve it.Well, except for a couple of bright minds, apparently.Karima Palafox and Paulo Alcazaren,
New-car purchases in PH to keep soaring
One of the most obvious things people blame for the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila is the steady (and significant) increase in automotive sales in the country. Back in August, we wrote about the forecast of Nissan Philippines president Antonio Zara
10 worst times to be in this situation
There's still more than a full month to go, but we're already declaring 2015 to be the worst year in the history of Metro Manila traffic. Remember the night of September 8? No? Here, we'll remind you: JOG YOUR
Waze survey says driving in Manila sucks
Motorists in Metro Manila are probably not surprised--or even amused--with this news. But this is one of the takeaways from Waze's first-ever "Global Driver Satisfaction Index." Numerical scores from 10 to 1--with 10 being "satisfying" and 1
How many cars were affected?
Before we move on from the Carmageddon that ruined our long weekend took place recently, let's make an objective review of the numbers. Thanks to our friends from Sakay.ph, the Waze-like app for Metro Manila commuters, we have the
You'd be surprised
You will remember that in January this year, we shared the rankings of the worst cities in the world as far as traffic congestion was concerned, based on the traffic index rate of Numbeo, a website that collects global statistics including costs
Did we miss anything?
I grew up watching the Back To The Future trilogy. The part that struck me the most was when the mad scientist Dr. Emmett Brown was trying to get Marty McFly to understand the gravity of his actions, and to get the
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