Articles about Traffic Lights

No more beating the red light
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Imagine a city with no traffic lights and no gridlock. Where cars move freely without congestion and are spared from accidents. Imagine a world
To assist PWDs when crossing the street
Representative Lorna Velasco (Party list, AMA) has filed a bill seeking to equip traffic lights with audible signals at all pedestrian crossings "to provide safety for persons with disability, elderly people and pregnant women when crossing the street.""The audible traffic signal
Beating traffic jams to become more high-tech
Audi has been developing a system that seeks to improve a driver's daily commute by integrating with a city's traffic light network, "which could make driving through towns and cities far more fluid and free of annoying and economy-denting
For safer and 'more civil' driving
It's a widely accepted rule that a yellow traffic light means a driver should slow down. Unfortunately, some people--and some local driving schools, as a matter of fact--believe that the yellow light is a signal to "go faster."China,
It's time to drop the me-first mentality
We're sure you've noticed the horrid traffic that has engulfed our streets recently, which we can surely attribute to the Christmas-shopping frenzy. You've also probably noticed that this horrendous rush has caused some vehicles to clog intersections in
By 2016, believe it or not
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has identified seven major roads, which will be widened and rehabilitated in line with an Urban Renewal Master Plan that aims to turn the metropolis into a "world-class, vibrant, safe and healthy" place by 2016.
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