Where do you stand?
In case you've been living under a rock, the MMDA has recently rolled out the dry run of its rush hour driver-only ban and expanded high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane on EDSA-from Magallanes to North Avenue. Oh, and that
Kids these days
I was 16 when I first learned how to drive. But I was already tinkering with shifters and switches long before I could reach any of the pedals. Learning how to actually drive a car, then, became a key milestone in my
Formal driving training will be required
How did you learn how to drive?Did you teach yourself ('widow' style, as others say), or did your parents or friends coach you? Or did you enroll in a driving school?If Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Edgar Galvante were to
It depends
The car I was carefully driving bumped and wrecked another vehicle, resulting in injuries for the other driver and passengers. Since we could not determine who was at fault, the police are detaining me while they are gathering evidence to write the
Be the solution, not the problem
What's one thing Filipino motorists have mastered over years upon years of plying Manila's traffic-infested streets? It's not maneuvering in and out of jam-packed lanes, finding alternate routes, or squeezing into claustrophobic parking spaces-though you do
It's all about patience and giving way
So you're about to merge (properly, like the educated driver that you are), when all of a sudden the vehicle in the parallel lane decides to speed up and block your entry. "You shall not pass!" he says...as does the
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