Where old school and new metal meet
Fun fact: The Trans Sport Show is older than the "Macarena" song. That bit of trivia should make you think of two things: One, that you're getting old; and two, appreciate the fact that the show has been a staple in
What's old is new again
The 2018 Trans Sport Show is underway at the SMX Convention Center. As you'd expect, there are plenty of cars on display for you to ogle at--JDM icons, supercars, and every aftermarket accessory and part you could possibly imagine.Then,
There's something for everyone
Whether it's JDM icons, beautifully restored classics, or exotic supercars, you can rest assured that there'll be something for you at this year's Trans Sport Show. Trust us, we know because we were there for the event's opening
See you there!
The 27th Trans Sport Show is happening from May 17 to 20 at the SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia this weekend, and it is a huge milestone for the organizers. When it comes to bring-your-best-build events, the
The iconic event is now on its 27th year
The Trans Sport Show is very close to my heart. Long before car shows became a dime a dozen, this was the event that every car guy looked forward to attending. And if you were a builder, this was the venue where
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