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It actually depends
Manual transmissions are dying. In recent years, we're starting to see fewer and fewer stick-shift vehicles arrive in our market, and it's sheer proof that the era of three-pedal driving is really coming to an end.Of course,
It now celebrates the first full decade of its pioneering motorcycle tech
Honda has reached a new milestone today: It celebrates 10 years since it introduced the first-ever DCT-equipped motorcycle, a configuration that remains unique to the motorcycle manufacturer a full decade later.The first bike to sport Honda's dual-clutch
Let’s draw a line between mobility and driving
The car as it is today remains saddled (pun intended) with the legacy of the horse-drawn carriage. In fact, the name is literally an abbreviation of automated carriage, and if I had a few hours to bore you senseless, I'd
They call this new tech the ‘ICT Connected Shift System’
If you've always wondered how automatic transmissions (AT) work, it's seriously complicated. From a driver's point of view, it looks simple: you need not step on a clutch pedal to change gears in an automatic car because the machine
Heed these warnings
The transmission is arguably the most complicated part of a car. Efficiently transmitting the power from the engine to a usable speed to the wheels is a demanding mechanical job, or in the case of automatic transmissions, an electro-hydraulic-mechanical affair.
An age-old question
When acquiring a new vehicle, it's only right to consider the cost of maintenance as it is an intrinsic component of car ownership. The car's transmission is one of its principal components that require care and maintenance for the vehicle
Is it cause for concern?
Hi, I need help for my car please. My car is a Mazda 626 1997 AT model. My problem now is the delayed shifting. What should I do?The first thing you could do before taking it to a qualified mechanic is
Just leaving this here
We love manual transmissions. Anyone with a passion for driving will say that there's just nothing like the feeling of having complete control over one's gears. That said, owning a manual-transmission car isn't always ideal.
Is it safe?
A reader sent in a question about the usage of a modern automatic transmission with the manual option. Here's his question:"Hi Top Gear PH! Is it okay if I shift from drive to manual (+/-) in an automatic car while I'
It's a huge transformation
It was known as the Swift Dzire not too long ago, and it had its fair share of critics because of its awkward looks. Its price was very enticing, though-tempting enough to make buyers overlook its stubby rear end. The strange
Three models were affected
Earlier this month, the Australian government fined Ford (AUD) $10 million (P400 million) after the American carmaker admitted to mishandling customer complaints related to the company's PowerShift automatic transmission. Not a good look for the company, and now it seems its
That's Australian dollars, by the way
Ford's after-sales service doesn't exactly have the best reputation here in the Philippines, but believe it or not, the problem might be even worse in Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian government has ordered the American
You don’t want to know how much a new gearbox costs
One of the things people take for granted about their car is the transmission. There are tons of ways for an inexperienced driver to mess up a car's gearbox. And often, he or she won't even be aware that a
Should I worry?
Good morning, sir. I can't figure out what's wrong with my transmission. There is a clunking noise when I shift from park to reverse and vice versa. It just happens randomly. It just got serviced with ATF just a week
You might not even know it
Today's automatic transmissions are so good, shift so effortlessly, and do their job so invisibly that you can't blame someone for thinking they won't break. However, these are still man-made machine parts and they do wear out and
Because 9-speed just isn't enough
Many in the auto industry say that when it comes to transmissions, six is the new four. But some carmakers would beg to disagree. For example, Mitsubishi now employs an eight-speed gearbox for the Montero Sport, while Mercedes-Benz has the
We want you to take our poll
If you're buying the all-new Ford Mustang, we ask you to take a good, wistful look at the photograph. That's because you will never be able to experience what you see in the picture.No, we're not talking
Another blow to auto-parts manufacturing industry in PH?
Mazda has announced that it will build a transmission plant in the Chonburi province of Thailand, which will have an annual production capacity of around 400,000 units.An investment worth ¥26 billion (over P11 billion), the plant is being established by
Could this be the death knell for manual gearboxes?
While motoring purists spout their passion for driving using an old-fashioned stick shift, Porsche is reportedly looking to ditch that in favor of its Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) dual clutch transmission for the next-generation 911 GT3.No less than Porsche 911
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